Tuesday, June 26, 2018

4th of July Farmhouse Home Decor

It's time to decorate for one
of my favorite holidays,
the 4th of July!

4th of july farmhouse home decor, how to decorate your home for 4th of july in farmhouse style

Ok, I love all of the the holidays.
All of them.
And I get super excited to decorate 
for e v e r y single one of them!!

There is just something
special about decorating
with red, white and blue
and flags to celebrate our wonderful country!

I used items I had on hand-
like vintage jars, mini flags and fairy lights.

I may have a hoarding problem
since I seem to collect all the things,
but at least it comes in handy when I want to decorate!

Luckily my husband is a patient
man and let's me do my decorating thing!

I found this cute Declaration of Independence book
at the thrift store!

It works perfect here on rolls of carnival tickets.
I also added a bucket of flags
and my collection of metal tool boxes!

This little shelving unit is tucked into the corner
of our dining room.

I used a vintage shutter on the table
with candles sitting on top.

I like to spread bits and pieces
of holiday charm all around.

I found this book at the thrift store as well.

I tucked some glitter stars
into a jar with faux ferns and flags.

I used more tool boxes and 
for a patriotic message in this vignette.

The ribbon flag has been around my home for several years.

The gray cabinet in my living room is
always full of holiday decor!

You just can't go wrong decorating 
with the flag.
See how to make a wooden flag here.

This cute little pillow cover is made from a 
thrifted a red, white and blue table cloth.

We are ready for a barbecue and fireworks!!


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