End of the month, June Favorites and Inspiration

Another month 
has come and gone!  
It went by so fast I can barely
remember everything that happened!

I'm glad to have this opportunity to look back
at June.

end of the month recap, June favorites, monthly favorites, top inspiration

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Every month I keep my 
eyes open for products to
make my life easier!
Here is what I found in June:

This battery charger holds 4 full iphone charges.
It's awesome!

My other laminator died,
so I purchased this one.
It's very inexpensive and works really well so far!

I am not a big fan of sneakers in the summer.
I think my feet are claustrophobic.
But closed toed shoes are a must have when going camping.

So I bought these sandals at Walmart.com.
I was worried that they wouldn't hold up
since they were so inexpensive.
But I wore them all day, every day for 6 days of Girls Camp
and they were great!
I didn't get any blisters and my feet didn't ache.
I even washed them in my washer when I got home.


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Words to Live By!!

Love these favor ideas from Legally Craft on Insta.
Her blog is super cute too.

Every month I think I'm inspired by something
She's so talented!

I also love everything jagcagdesign posts!

This kitchen from theothersideofneutral is mind blowing!

Liz Marie is so talented!
I swear I would pay to just go tour her cute cottage!


That's it for June!

I'll see you next month in