Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Tips for thriving at Girl's Camp

During summer
young women in our church go to a week long camp.
Today I'll be discussing tips for
thriving at Girl's Camp!

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Young Women Camp
or Girls Camp is such a wonderful experience.

It's a place for the YW to take a break from
many of the pressures of the world,
enjoy nature and work on their
relationship with their Heavenly Father 
and the other YW around them.

I have gone to YW camp several times as an adult leader.
I have learned a few things
that I would have liked to know before going,
so now I'm passing it on to you!

Prepare to be very active 
and walk a lot!

Even though Girls Camp is awesome,
I'm not going to lie and say that it's easy.
But nothing worth doing is ever easy, is it?

It's a ton of work-
and that doesn't even take into consideration 
the crazy amounts of work the leaders
do to plan and carry out camp.

There is tons of walking, hiking, 
and other physical activities.

I strongly suggest 
going for walks and/or working out
at home in the weeks leading up to camp,
to be in shape and prepared for 
the amount of physical activity.

Be well rested before camp.

I think it's universal at girls camp everywhere that
there is A LOT of walking and activities,
no rest time and very little sleep happening in
a cabin full of teenage girls!

The more rested you are before you go,
the easier time you will have surviving
on so little sleep!

Be Organized

No matter where girls camp is held
another universal truth is that it's chaotic and messy.
There are many girls and lots of stuff packed into cabins 
or tents (like when I was a YW)

With so many people in a tight quarters
and little storage space,
items get misplaced, dirty, etc.

Things I took to camp that were helpful:

back pack with padded shoulder straps

thin (quick dry) clothing
sheet set and pillow
pop up laundry basket
spray powder
crystal light energy
handouts for devotionals and day groups 

Things I wished I'd taken:

activities to do in the cabins
such as: nail polish
face masks
floss to make bracelets

cardstock, tape and markers
several flash lights (I lost mine the first day)
night light
trash bags
clorox wipes
gloves - I would have liked hand protection when cleaning
metal water bottle- I dropped and broke my plastic one
eye mask- to sleep when the lights are left on
medicine:  pepto, ibuprofen, tylenol, 
tums and (tmi) a stool softener
quick dry wash cloth
air freshener


Girl's Camp is such a beautiful time
to escape the normal every day pressures,
feel the spirit,
to bond with the girls
and see them grow their testimonies.

If you ever have a chance to go as an adult,
you SHOULD!!

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