Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Young Women Girls Camp Treat Hand outs

It's that time of year again,

And that means it's time for
Wards and Stakes from 
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
to prepare for their annual
Young Women/Girls Summer Camp!

YW camp is a time for girls to get out in nature,
enjoy time with one another
and get away from worldly distractions.

It's not always easy for young ladies
to leave their families, jobs, friends,
beds and their phones
to go rough it in the woods.
Well, as rough as air conditioned cabins can be.

As rough, or not rough as the case may be,
they still make huge sacrifices to go to camp.
I think it's important to remind them how loved
these young women are
so I like to make handouts to give to them.

Young Women treats, Girls Camp handouts, pillow treats, tuck in treats

The treats don't have to be glamourous,
just a thoughtful message!

Caught you being Sweet!

YW camp handouts, caught you being sweet, smarties

The YW spend a ton of time
being nice to and
serving one another while at camp.
So I made a handout reward!

I put some smarties in a small 
cellophane bag and stapled
a printable to it.

I hope to catch them serving and caring for one
another and record the act of service I witnessed 
on the ice cream cone.

YW camp handouts, caught you being sweet, smarties

Get a copy of the ice cream cone printable


Always stick close to the Spirit!

For this handout I used pixy stix,
washi tape and cardstock.

I cut a piece of white cardstock into
8.5 inch x 1 1/4 inch strips.
Then I folded each strip up (leaving 1.5 inches)
and wrapped a piece of washi tape 
around to make a paper pocket.

My computer was having issues
so I didn't print directly onto the cardstock.
I printed the message
on regular printer paper
and glued it to the cardstock.

Then I stuck 2 pixy stix into the pocket.


Camp Theme hair tie holder

Hair ties are a hot commodity 
at YW camp.
So I made a hair tie holder
with the 2018 Girls Camp theme.

I printed the theme on cardstock.
Then laminated, punched a hole,
and tied a hair tie to the card with twine.

Get a copy of the palm tree card here.


Stand in Holy Places

Cute and colorful socks are also
a hot commodity at Girls Camp.
I found these socks at Target.

I made a Stand in Holy Places printable
and punched it out with a 2.5 inch circle punch.

I tied the circle tag around the sock
with twine.

Girls Camp treats are so much fun to make
and give to those sweet girls at camp!


Want more Girls Camp handout ideas?

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