Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Simple Ways to Get Back on Track When You Feel Overwhelmed

You guys, back to school time is no joke!
It's so busy and chaotic and crazy!!

We are trying to get used to our 
new normal schedule 
of going to and from early morning seminary,
school, sports practices, meetings, church activities etc.

My son also tore a ligament in his knee 
which has required many dr appointments.  
And since it's his knee, he can't drive.
So I'm having to drive he and his sister to and from school again.
Man...I miss him being able to drive!  

The point is:
LIFE can be quite OVERWHELMING!  

Today I'm going to talk about ways to 

simple ways to get you back on track when you feel overwhelmed

Did you know that being 
overwhelmed is all in your head?

I know, I know...go with me here.
Being overwhelmed is just thoughts.  

It's not the busy schedule, the dr appointments,
or driving kids around that is overwhelming,
it is your thoughts about it.

Ponder that for a sec...

When I am busy, 
I don't do the thought work I need 
to talk myself down so I can remain calm 
and keep things in perspective.

I always forget that I have the power to remain calm
even in the midst of the crazy.
Because I always have power over my thoughts.

I have learned that in order to
have better control over my thoughts,
I HAVE to be organized.
So when I am in a busy season of life,
which seems like all the time,
I have systems in place to beat overwhelm
and help me control my thoughts.

 11 ways to beat being overwhelmed

1.  Make a TO DO list

Put everything on it,
seriously everything.
If there is a task you need to remember to do,
put it on your list.
Your to do list is a great place to keep track of 
all appointments,
school dates, sports practices, etc.
Trying to remember all the things
takes up a lot of brain space.
Free up that space by writing it all down on a list.
I keep a running list on the notepad on my phone
so it's always with me.
But I also keep a list in my planner because 
I like to write things down.

2.  Prioritize

No matter how hard you work,
how late you stay up,
or how much you try,
you will never get it all done.
There will always be more to be done.
It is essential that you prioritize your 
time to get the most important things done first.

3.  Cut Clutter

For me,
clutter = stress!!
With 5 people in our home,
we have a lot of stuff!
If I'm not careful that stuff can get out of control!

I try to make sure that everything has a home and 
is regularly put away.

Edit your possessions often.
The less stuff you have,
the less clutter there will be.  

More cleaning and organizing ideas here.

4.  Make a Meal Plan

No matter how busy we are,
our families still need to eat.
Planning meals ahead of time
and shopping for the ingredients all at once
makes dinner time about 10000 times easier!

5.  Clean as you go

Take shoes/back packs off
and hang them up, 
right when you walk through the door.

When you get the mail,
sort it into file and trash immediately.

As you make dinner,
clean up as you are cooking.
Put dishes in the dishwasher (or handwash them)
 during prep so it's all done by the time 
the meal is done.

Don't let things pile up.
Clean as you go.

6.  Be aware of time wasters

Do you get sucked into the black hole of social media 
and before you know it, 2 hours have gone by?
Do you watch too much tv? or Netflix?

Identify what makes you lose track of time.
Set a timer or an alarm
so you don't lose a large chunk of your day.

7.  Keep a win list

At the end of the day,
it's easy to remember all of the things we didn't do.
So I've started keeping a list of the things
I did do.
see more info here

8.  Have clear boundaries

In this day and age,
we all have many things competing for our time
and attention.
It's important to decide what is 
important to you and your family,
and then decide how you want
to spend your time.
You will never make everyone happy,
but that is not your job.
Your job is to do the very best you can with the 
time, talents and energy that you have.

9.  Take care of yourself

Get exercise.
Get enough rest.
Eat well.
Drink a lot of water.
Pursue a hobby that brings you joy.

It is not selfless to put yourself last.
And it is not selfish to take care of yourself.
Only you can make you happy and
only you can keep you functioning at your best.

10.  Use kind self talk

How are you speaking to yourself?
Are you being a cheerleader 
or a bully to yourself?
Listen girl,
you are trying as hard as you can,
(aren't we all?)
so give yourself a break.
Say encouraging things to yourself.
Build yourself up.
Say positive affirmations.
If you make a mistake,
fix it, then grant yourself grace and move on.

11.  It is just thoughts

Remember that "overwhelm" is just thoughts.
And you can change your thoughts.
Put systems in place to help.
You'll have to remind yourself of this
over and over again.
But these are great ways to beat overwhelm!


  1. I love these ideas! It’s so helpful this time of year. I think I’m going to start a win list and I love how we can remind ourselves its a state of mind, I haven’t thought of it that way but it makes sense. Thanks!!!

    1. Thanks so much! I need these reminders every single day!

  2. These are REALLY good tips!! I love the idea of a win list. And I think that your suggestion that being overwhelmed is just thoughts and makes us miss out on mind work is spot on. In my line of work, I help people get a handle on their photos and memories and get them preserved in print, and overwhelm is a common obstacle to that. This is a great article to refer people to. :) Pinning!


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