Tuesday, September 25, 2018

DIY Faux Cement Pumpkin

Today I'm sharing a tutorial
for making a 
DIY Faux Cement Pumpkin

How to make a Faux  Cement Pumpkin

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While browsing my local craft store,
I found the most darling cement pumpkin, but,
Unfortunately it was broken so I wasn't
able to purchase it.

But am I a DIY'er or not? 

The texture of the cement pumpkin 
reminded me of the DIY distressed flower pots
 Natalie from My Vintage Porch made.
I knew I could do something similar
with pumpkins. 

supplies needed

Styrofoam pumpkin from dollar store
paper towels
drying rack

Steps to make a
Faux Cement Pumpkin

Smush (technical term) Spackle onto the entire pumpkin
including the stem.
I grabbed a glob with my hands
and smoothed it all over the surface
of the pumpkin.

If the Spackle is too thick and lumpy,
it can be watered down to make it smoother.

Let the pumpkin dry.
I like placing my projects on 
cheap cooling racks from the dollar store
so that air circulates underneath.

After the Spackle is dry, get a paper towel slightly wet,
then dab it into a little bit of paint.
You only need the smallest bit
of several colors.
I used mostly white paint
with a little bit of the other colors mixed in.
Then pounce the paper towel up and down
all over the pumpkin.
Spread the colors around randomly.

Use fine grit sandpaper to knock
some of the rough edges off the pumpkin
and give it a smoother texture.

Now you have a very light weight pumpkin
that looks like it's made of cement.


And the best part is, these pumpkins
only cost a little over $1,
if you already have all of the other supplies.

I'm going to use my DIY Faux Cement Pumpkins
in my holiday decorating this year.


  1. Great idea and love the look of cement pumpkins! Pinned 😊

  2. Sharing on Inspiring Me Monday! Love this! laura

    1. Thank you Laura! I appreciate you sharing my project! :)


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