End of the Month- September Favorites and Inspiration

It's the end of the month already!  
At the end of each month,
 I take a look back at the previous months 
activities, products I love,
posts and things that inspired me.

Here is the
End of the Month of September 
with my 
favorites and inspiration.

end of the month September favorites and inspiration

A look back at September

In September, 2 of my kids had birthdays.

This cutie got her drivers license.  It's a huge right of passage 
for 16 year olds  to get their drivers license.  
She loves being able to drive 
and I love having 2 kids that are able to drive themselves!

11th birthday party for boys, easy birthday party

My littlest dude turned 11. 
For his birthday party, we had a few of his school friends 
over for lunch of hot dogs, chips and cupcakes!  
Then we went to a movie at our local movie theater. 
It was an easy and fun birthday party!  
It required very little set up and very little clean up!  Woo hoo!

Under the Sea high school dance

My older kids celebrated Homecoming at their high school. 
That is always such a fun time, yet makes for a
busy schedule with all of the activities!
I was able to help decorate for the dance. 
 I had never done anything of this size before,
so I learned a lot!  
We were able to transform the high school cafeteria
into a magical Under the Sea evening!

Under the Sea high school dance

My favorite part was the table decor.  
We used glass vases with rocks, aquarium plants and real fish.


September Favorite Products

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My kids carry metal water bottles to school every day.  
They get really gross from constantly being in use.  
These brushes work really well to get in all the cracks and crevices 
to clean the gunk out of water bottles.

My son uses this hair gel every day.  
He is very particular about what it looks like.  Bless his fussy little heart!  
He has only used the gel for a short time, but so far really likes it.  
And it smells really good as well!

My daughter has this lamp on the desk in her room.  
For being so small, it puts off quite a bit of light.  
It also has a usb port so she can charge her phone. 
It's a perfect task lamp and very inexpensive!


Posts you May Have Missed in September

After a fun trip to the flea market where I found a vintage mailbox, 
I made a door hanger for my front door. 
It's a little rusty, crusty non traditional door hanger.

I have been reading a ton of self help books!  
I love finding bits and pieces of information
to help me tweak my thoughts and actions.  

I did another post with my awesome 
Inspire My Creativity blogging friends.  
This months these was leaves.  
Please link up any leaf projects you have!

If you ever have times that you're just not motivated 
to do much, I hear ya! 
We've all been there, right? 
I collected a few ideas to 

Fall is the best time for decorating!  
I did my Fall Front Porch on a Budget with some 
of my favorite vintage pieces.

I made over a dollar store find to make a Faux Cement Pumpkin.  
It looks and feels like cement
but is very lightweight and was easy to make.


Ideas and Inspiration

I love this original idea for a door hanger by brickhouse design co

I love this front porch Isn't it so festive?!

I love the gathered look of this mantel by Our Home Life.  
Every time I look at the photo I find something new 
and interesting to see.

This kitchen is so beautiful!  
I love the wood topped island and the open shelves by Karlee Bowman

I love the seasonal decor on the top of the cabinets by White Blossom Home.  
What a great idea for those of us who don't have cabinets all the way to the ceiling.

This mantel is the BEST!   
I love love love the large marquee, the whimsical art, 
and the colorful pumpkins by the very talented Whipperberry


How was September for you?  
I'd love to know what is inspiring you this month!!