How to get motivated when you aren't feeling it

You guys, I've been in a funk!  I'm   t i r e d   and unmotivated. As a creative blogger, unmotivated and uninspired does not lead to anything positive. Really, unmotivated isn't good for any person.

It's important to have plans in place for these times that will happen, because being unmotivated
and in a funk will happen to all of us!  This post is going to talk about  

How to Get Motivated when you're just not feeling it!

How to get motivated when you're just not feeling it

I seem to always have ideas floating in my head.  I have a million things I want to do, thousands of things I need to do and always a bunch of errands to run.  Not to mention a schedule full of many activities.  That's just the gig when you're a wife and a mom.

Even though it's a normal part of life, it can still get overwhelming (even though overwhelm is just thoughts.)  And when I'm overwhelmed I cannot seem to pull myself together to produce anything.

The more I force it, the more frustrated I get. I've found that if I complete something simple- I do so much better.  Here are some 

Simple things to do when you feel unmotivated!

clean and organize
Having a clean house, clean room or even a clean space can clear your mind!  Clutter gives our minds too much stimuli and distracts us from things that need to be done.  It also inhibits creativity and productivity and signals to our brain that our jobs are not done.  (more info here)  Cleaning can clear all of that up. Plus it gives you a bit of exercise which produces endorphins.

Simple things you can do when you aren't feeling motivated

do something simple
The main thing is to DO something.  Doing something simple like backing up your computer (for real, you should be backing up your computer regularly) or cleaning up the photos on your phone,
or cleaning out your make up- gets your mind off your troubles and onto something productive.

get some exercise
I really hate to admit this but exercising makes ya feel better.  Not that I'm a fan.  I wish eating junk food and being lazy worked as well as exercise.  Exercising produces natural endorphins.  (more info here)  Working out not only helps your body, it helps your mind as well.  Ideas to sneak in exercise.

take a nap
Sometimes turning things off really does reset them.  I turn my phone or my computer off when they are acting up.  So it makes sense that if we rest, it turns our minds and our bodies off to reset as well.

take a shower/bath
Get into a steaming hot shower.  Add some epsom salt and soak in a bath.  Wash your cares and grumpiness down the drain!

put on a nice outfit/do you hair and make up
Getting yourself ready instead of schleping around in your pj's is very motivating.  When you're groomed you'll feel better about yourself and you can attack your day with gusto.

get out of the house
Leaving the house can really lighten your mood.  Go for a walk.  Go window shopping.  Go visit a friend.  Do something to change up your environment.

do something fun
Play a game.  Watch a funny show on Netflix because laughter reduces stress hormones.  Smiling sends happiness signals to your brain.  When you laugh, your subconscious mind sends signals to make your problems seem smaller.  Laughter triggers endorphins, which improve your mood.  Laughter also improves your immune system, lowers blood pressure, and improves the way your heart beats. (source)

Find a quiet place and spend some time in prayer.  Prayer is a 2 way communication with our Father in Heaven.  We should take time to pause and listen.  We should never think ourselves unworthy
to pray. Our Heavenly Father is always ready and willing to listen.  See more on prayer here.

serve someone 
One of the very best ways to stop thinking of yourself, is to do something for someone else.  Enough said!

write in your journal
Writing your thoughts down gets them out of your head.  It can help you get control of your thoughts so they don't control you. Here are some other ideas for things to write in your journal.

count your blessings
Gratitude makes us happier.  The end.  
Gratitude makes us healthier, strengthens our emotions, makes us more optimistic.  Gratitude makes us more grateful for what we have, instead of us wanting more.

How to get motivated when you are feeling down


We all have moments of being sad, unhappy or unmotivated.  That's a part of the human experience.
But having process and plans help us to get through the tough times.

You can do hard things. You have the power to be happy now. You can crush your goals. You can CRAFT the life you want!