Sneaky ways to fit exercise into your day

Easy ways to sneak exercise into your day when you don't want to work out!

Goals- fitness, ways to sneak in exercise when you don't want to work out

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I have never been big on working out.  It's just not my jam.  Yet, I know I need to work out.  It's quite the conundrum.  I know there are health benefits. I know it makes you feel better mentally and physically.  Blah, blah, blah!!  I used to be so disappointed in myself that I didn't work out because I didn't go to the gym or run or do anything legit.

This is the battle I've had within myself  for quite a few years. But I'm learning fitness tricks that work for me.  I'm not perfect at it.  I get lazy and complacent and out of the routine.  But just like I said in my earlier post on goals, I can't beat myself up about not achieving a goal today, this week or this month.  I just need to start where I am now, and choose to do better in the next moment!

So to go along with my goal posts this year,  I'm sharing my 

Fitness tricks that help me to sneak in exercise when I don't feel like working out!  

1.  Strive to reach a specific step count everyday.

fitness tracker, fitbit, goals, exercise

I wear a fitness tracker.  I have a goal to reach 8,000-10,000 steps every day.  Some days I reach that goal, yet some days I don't.  I try not to beat myself up about not reaching my step goal.  I just wear the tracker to remind me!  

To get more steps- I walk or run in place when I'm checking my email or social media or watching tv, brushing my teeth, or while I'm cooking dinner.  I also park farther away in parking lots to force me to walk a little more than I normally would!  Anything to move my body a little bit.

Sneaky ways to get more steps
  • wear a fitness tracker
  • set a goal for daily steps
  • walk in place when you would normally sit
  • park far away in a parking lot

2.  Put stairs to use!

ways to sneak in exercise when you don't want to work out - run up and down the stairs in your home

My house is 2 stories.  (Disregard the ugly carpet please)  Our laundry and living spaces are downstairs and our bedrooms are upstairs.  In my housekeeping and laundry I do a lot of going up and down the stairs.  I make an extra trip every now and then to get some exercise.

When I'm really tired and can't seem to get moving in the morning or during my mid afternoon slump, running up and down the stairs a few times gets my heart pumping and helps me to wake up!
It works better than grabbing a Diet Dew!

I also have my kids do stairs when they have been watching Netflix or playing video games for a while.

Sneaky ways to use stairs to get more exercise

  • walk an extra trip up and down the stairs of your home
  • take the stairs as much as possible at work or other places
  • rather than grab an afternoon snack or soda do a round of stairs to wake you up
  • housekeeping is a win/win- you get both a clean house and exercise!

3.  Fidget!

I tap my feet all of the time. During boring meetings, while listening in church, while working on my blog, I'm fidgeting away!

Fidgeting often keeps my body moving,  keeps me awake and gets me extra steps which is a sneaky way to get exercise.

Sneaky ways to fidget to get more exercise
  • tap your feet while listening in a meeting or at church
  • move your feet and/or legs when you are sitting down

4.  Do a small routine

like am able to tolerate exercise more when I do a little bit more often instead of a big work out all
at once.  On my fitness Pinterest board I have a ton of small work out ideas.  

I don't actually do it 7 times in a row.  I do it 1-2 times in the morning and then 1-2 more times through out the day.  I also do lunges while watching tv and squats while I'm filling up my water bottle.  I try to move A LOT!  My goal is to do a small bit of exercise whenever I can because every little bit counts!

Sneaky ways to do small bursts of exercise

  • do a quick 5-10 minute work out first thing in the morning, right before you get into the shower and/or last thing before bed.
  • do lunges while waiting for something to cook, while watching Netflix
  • do calf raises while doing dishes or filling up your water bottle

You can use Sneaky ways to Fit in Exercise in your day!  I am not perfect at any of these tips, but I have found that when I make an effort to sneak in exercise my mood is improved, I get thirsty so I drink more water, I sleep better, my clothes fit better and Most of All, I feel better about myself!