Tuesday, January 9, 2018

New Year, New Goals- Ideas for Setting Goals

I love the new year!
Fresh start and motivation to
set all the goals and change all the things!

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This year I resolve to:
 eat clean
exercise every day
 lose weight
be a patient mom and wife
serve with a cheerful heart,
run a marathon
and keep a perfect house!

Just kidding!
I think trying to do all of those things 
perfectly would make me crazy!


At the start of a new year we can easily 
get into a trap.
We pick ourselves and our lives apart 
and try to fix everything.

We want to make big changes so we set strict rules 
without realizing that any real lifestyle change 
is usually best made in small steps.
Strict rules make life not - so - fun and 
there's not a lot of room for mistakes.
So then if we can't do it all perfectly,
then why even try?!

I think that leads to being disappointed
and discouraged from achieving goals.


So let's talk about goal setting!

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In the past few years rather than make resolutions,
which seem BIG and difficult to make and keep,
I've been leaning more toward goal setting.

First- I define the areas in my life I want to improve.
(more about that at the bottom)
Then I make goals for small changes I want
to make to achieve those bigger goals.
And that's it.

A goal is a plan for improvement,
not a one time shot.
If you have a bad moment or a bad day,
don't throw all your goals out the window.
Just try again the next moment or next day
 to be a little bit better.

Also- start right now.
Don't wait for the beginning of the year,
the beginning of the week,
or even the beginning of the day.
Just start right now in whatever moment you're in.


This year my main goal is to let things go and 
only try to control what is in my power.
I have spent so so SO
much time stressing and being frustrated
about things I have no control of.
So my goal is to CHOOSE to let things go.

This has already been put to the test even though 
we are only 9 days into the new year.

It was unseasonably cold in Nashville
the entire holiday season.
That lead to the water pipes in our kitchen freezing. 
We had no hot water from our faucet, no water to the dishwasher, 
and no water from the
water dispenser in our fridge.

On top of that, our internet went out for 4 days.
That sounds so silly, but it was a big deal.  
No one from our ISP could tell me what was wrong 
or when it would be back.
It was maddening.

And the icing on the cake is that my kids were still 
out of school for Christmas Break 
and couldn't figure out what to do
with themselves without Netflix, Youtube
and online video games.
Even though I took them to the indoor trampoline park,
to the movie, to redbox, and to go indoor rock climbing,
we were still a very hot mess!!

Having no water, not be able to send my little one 
outside to play with his friends because of extreme (for us) cold,
having no internet to blog, watch Netflix, or catch up
on everything from the holidays was a big challenge.

Some moments I did ok.  
Other moments, like when I had to hear ALL OF THE COMPLAINTS,
I did not do so well.

But today is a new day.
I had a pity party to give myself space to 
be upset for a bit, and now I'm moving on.
We have internet again.
My kids are back in school.
And I'm working to catch up on everything I've missed.
I'm starting again in the moment I'm in,
to try to do better!


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My over arching goal is to CHOOSE
how I spend my time, my energy, my thoughts, etc
which are the only things I have control of.

I have also broken that down
into categories to set smaller
obtainable goals in important areas in my life.

Meal Planning
Family Relationships and Marriage
Self Care
Organizing and Home Projects

All of this month
(as long as my internet does what it's supposed to)
I will be posting in these different areas.

new year printable

I made a printable to remind myself of
and get excited about the possibilities of this year!

You can get a copy here.


I'd love to hear about your goals for the new year!

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