Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Meal Plan Tips and Tricks, 7 ideas to help busy families stick to a meal plan

One of my goals this year is
to recommit to Meal Planning.

I used to think those who meal planned needed
to get a hobby or something.
How weird is it to plan your meals?

But then I tried it.
Let me tell you friends,

As with everything else I do,
I'm not perfect.
I completely got out of the habit during the holidays.
But I know that when I meal plan,
it makes dinner SOOOO much easier
and makes me feel like I have my stuff together!

So I'm going to share my tips and thoughts on 
meal planning for a busy family!

crock pot, 7 tips, meal plan

1.  Write your meal plan down

This may seem silly and obvious
but I once I started writing my meal plan down, 
instead of keeping it in my head,
it made following it 
so much easier.

I write our meal plan in the notes in my phone,
on the calendar hanging on our fridge, 
in my planner,
seriously, everywhere.

The more places it's written down, the more often
you'll see it and the more often
you'll use it.

2. Plan easy meals to always have on hand.

There are always things that come up 
in busy families- 
like your husband works late and can't pick up the kids,
or you had to run somewhere unexpected.

If you have an easy meal idea
and the ingredients on hand,
you'll have a meal back up
that doesn't include a drive through.

I usually always have the items for:
classic spaghetti- with jarred spaghetti sauce,
and breakfast for dinner is always a hit!

On crazy nights when things aren't going as planned,
I can use ingredients from
 my fridge and pantry and have 
an easy meal for my family!

3.  Put those appliances in the cupboard to use!

slow cooker, crock pot

I use my crock post at least twice a week.

We like
There are tons of slow cooker recipes on Pinterest.

I also use my 15 year old bread maker
to make well- bread, of course.  
But I also use it to make
dough for pizza and rolls.
I pour the ingredients in and the
bread maker does the rest.

4.  Do a FFYS night!

My family loves "Fend For Yourself"
Any leftovers or frozen things they
 find in the fridge or freezer
is fair game to make for themselves.
I love FFYS nights too!
Mama gets a planned night off from cooking.

5.  Make sure to use your calendar

When meal planning,
keep your schedule in mind.

When I meal plan, I keep my calendar handy.
That way I can plan our meals 
around our busy schedule.
I have 2 kids on high school sports teams
and a little one that plays rec sports as well.  
We are often on the go!

I don't want to have an evening of
sports practices and swim meets
on a night with a complicated meal.
Those busy nights are a perfect night to 
do a crock pot meal!

6.  Be on the look our for new recipes

Keep your eyes open for recipes you
would like to try.
This keeps you from eating 
the same things over and over again!

Pinterest has a million fantastic recipe ideas.
You could also ask your friends and family 
for the recipes of their favorite meals.
Or dust off the cookbooks in your cupboard.
My faves are the church cookbooks-
they have tried and true recipes with simple ingredients.

7.  Don't be too strict.

We do go out for dinner a few times a week.
But rather than grab something on the run,
we plan our eating as a family activity.
It's great to look forward to a nice meal
that you don't have to cook!


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