Friday, January 19, 2018

DIY stamped metal necklace charm for One Little Word

My one little word for this year is 

I made a necklace charm
with my word on it.

gold metal necklace, metal stamped necklace, metal charm

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To remind me of my goal 
this year to Choose,
I made myself a necklace charm.

brass circle, word, metal letter stamps

It's crazy easy, takes less than 5 minutes,
only requires a few supplies.

Supplies to make 
metal stamped
necklace charm:

Instructions for stamping
a word onto a metal charm:

-Put a small piece of adhesive on the stamping
block to hold the circle in place.

-Line up the metal letter stamp
and tap the top of it with a lightweight hammer 
about 3 times.  

-Repeat for each letter.

It takes a little bit of practice to 
see how much force to use on the hammer.
If you hit it too hard, it can warp the metal.
If you don't hit it hard enough,
you won't be able to see the letter.

If you want your letters to be in a line, 
you can put a piece of washi tape on
the circle as a guide.

split ring, gold split ring

Slide the charm onto a split ring*.
I like split rings better than jump rings
because I think they hold better.

gold necklace, stamped metal necklace

Then I was able to slide
the charm onto a necklace that I already had.

diy necklace, gold necklace, one little word necklace

I love this reminder of my
goal to 
choose my thoughts,
choose my actions,
choose how I spend my time,
choose who I associate with
and follow on social media,
and choose to let things go 
that I cannot control!

Did you choose a word for the year? 
It's not too late!


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  1. This is such a great way to remember your focus throughout the year! So cute!!

    1. It is a great reminder that I carry around with me!

  2. That's awesome! Then you can see it whenever you need to

    1. I wore it yesterday and it reminded me all day to choose my thoughts!


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