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9 Self Help Books to Help you Live Your Best Life

We all want to live awesome and fulfilling lives.
Sometimes we get in our own way
of doing just that.

I have been on a big journey to be happier
and more content with my life this year.

Today I'm sharing several of
the Self Help Books I've 
found that are helping me 
in my journey to living my best life.

Self Help Books for moms, Self Help Books for women, Books to help you live your best life

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I think reading is one of the best
ways to learn new things that can improve ones self.

There are so many brilliant people
out there that have written books.
These brilliantly written books are not
just there to hock products and make money.  
These books were written
by people who want to help other 
people like you and me-

People who want to take control
of their happiness.

Reading is very relaxing to me.

On top of that, if I can get one new way to look 
at things or find a different way
to reframe my thoughts,
then reading a book is 100% worth it.

Here are some of my 
favorite Self Help Books:

Favorite Self Help Books for Living Your Best Life - Stop Saying You're Fine

Guys, Mel Robbins is a freaking genius.
She is no nonsense about calling her readers out on their crap.

"To regain control of your life you must stop 
pretending everything is fine.  
Your life has not turned out as you had hoped.  
Your brain works hard to insulate you from this fact.
Convincing yourself that you are fine
is a great strategy for keeping yourself stuck." 

I don't know about you,
but living a life of 'fine' is not something 
I'm interested in.
This book has practical ways to 
make course corrections that can add up to being changes
in your life.

Favorite Self Help Books for Living Your Best Life - Daring Greatly

If you've never heard of Brene' Brown,
where have you been?  
She is a thought leader on shame and vulnerability.

She starts her book with this beautiful quote 
from Theodore Roosevelt.
"It is not the critic who counts; 
not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, 
or where the doer of deeds could have done them better.  
The credit belongs to the man 
who is actually in the arena, 
whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; 
who strives valiantly; 
who errs, who comes short again and again, 
because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; 
but who does actually strive to do the deeds; 
who knows great enthusiasms, 
the great devotions; 
who spends himself in a worthy cause;
who at the best knows 
in the end the triumph of high achievement, 
and who at the worst, 
if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly..."

Brene' says, "When we spend our lives waiting 
until we're perfect or bulletproof 
before we walk into the arena, 
we ultimately sacrifice relationships and opportunities 
that may not be recoverable, 
we squander our precious time, 
and we turn out backs on our gifts, 
those unique contributions that only we can make."

Reading this book has given me so much
courage to be myself, and show up
how I am!

Favorite Self Help Books for Living Your Best Life - You are a Badass

This is the first Self Help book I ever read.
I picked it up because of it's sassy title.
But I kept reading because of what I learned
about myself as I read it.
I bought the paper copy and the kindle copy
and have read it at least 3 times.
This book does have some strong language
so just be aware of that.
(My son was offended by the language on the cover
so I covered it with washi tape.)

"This is about getting mighty clear 
about what makes you happy 
and what makes you feel the most alive, 
and then creating it instead of 
pretending you can't have it.  
Or that you don't deserve it.  
Or that you're a greedy ego maniacal fathead 
for wanting more than you already have.  
Or listening to what Dad and Aunt Mary 
think you should be doing.

It's about having the cojones 
to show up as the brightest, happiest version of yourself, 
whatever that looks like to you.  
The good news is that in order to to this, 
all you need to do is make one simple shift:  
You need to go from wanting to change your life to 
deciding to change your life."

Favorite Self Help Books for Living Your Best Life - Girl, wash your face

Guys, run out and get this book today.
Rachel Hollis is funny, relatable
and gives such common sense advice!

"This book is about a bunch of
hurtful lies and one important truth.

The truth?  You and only you, are ultimately
responsible for who you become 
and how happy you are.

Girl, get a hold of your life.  Stop medicating,
stop hiding out, stop being afraid,
stop giving away pieces of yourself,
stop saying you can't do it.
Stop the negative self talk, stop
abusing your body,
stop putting it off for tomorrow or Monday
or next year.
Stop crying about what happened
and take control of what happens next.
Get up, right now.  
Rise up from where you've been, 
scrub away the tears and the pain of yesterday, 
and start again.  
Girl, wash your face."

Favorite Self Help Books for Living Your Best Life - Say Goodbye to Survival Mode

Who doesn't want to stress less, sleep more
and restore their passion for life.

"Ask a friend, an acquaintance, 
or even a stranger how she's doing, and more than likely, 
she'll sigh and say some variation of, "I'm so busy.  
I can barely breathe most days just trying to survive.  
You know how that goes.
Sadly yes, Most of us do know the feeling.  
We are busy juggling a way too long to do list, 
and we can't seem to get ahead - 
or even just get the basics crossed off many days.  

You don't have to stay perpetually 
overwhelmed and exhausted, 
barely existing in survival mode, anymore.  
You can start living with direction and passion.  

Favorite Self Help Books for Living Your Best Life - Creating Your Best Life

No matter what circumstances you are in right now,
you have the power to create your best life.
This book, that is almost a work book, 
walks you through setting goals
to lead you on the path to happiness.

"Creating Your Best Life is revolutionary 
in its content and approach.  
This is the first comprehensive guide 
that combines the science of goal setting 
with the science of positive psychology 
to help you conceive and achieve the goals 
that contribute to your quality of life."

Favorite Self Help Books for Living Your Best Life - Gifts of Imperfection

Another Brene' Brown book.

"Let Go of Who You Think 
You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are.

Owning our story 
and loving ourselves 
through that process 
is the bravest thing that we will ever do."

Favorite Self Help Books for Living Your Best Life - Bawse

Even my teenage daughter has read this book and loved it.

"If you can't control people,
then control your reaction to them.  
If you can't control a situation, 
then prepare for it."

"Work Hard and Be Nice to People.  Not being nice 
is like poisoning yourself with bad vibes."

Favorite Self Help Books for Living Your Best Life - Fail Until You Don't - bobby bones

Bobby Bones is a radio DJ in Nashville.
He started with nothing and willed himself
into achieving his goals.

"Fight:  Deciding what it is you really want; 
setting your goals; and strategizing 
and taking the first steps toward that goal.
Grind:  Never missing a detail; 
always being ready and on call; 
and doing the work no matter how tired, sick, 
or over it you feel.
Repeat:  Having patience, resources, 
and resilience to keep doing the same thing 
over and over until you get what it is you really want."

Favorite Self Help Books for Living Your Best Life

Not all of these books
will resonate with everyone.
As you read them, take what you
want from each book 
and leave the rest.
Hopefully you will find something
that will resonate with you,
and call you to action.

You guys, happiness is possible.
With small course corrections,
like those suggested in these books,
we can all live our best lives!

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