bats in the window- a Halloween Family Tradition

I'm here to share one of my family's most loved Halloween traditions with you-  Hand cut paper bats in the window

It's no secret that I love holiday decorating - Halloween Home TourHalloween Rules Art, Halloween Charm. I also love spending time as a family as we pull Halloween items out of the storage bins to make our house spooky.

My kids excitement about decorating is just as much fun as the decorating itself!  Joy comes in the simple things and the most joy is found in being with family as we make our home a fun and comforting place to be.  There is much joy in decorating with the simple things as well.

Bats hand cut from black cardstock certainly qualify as simple.

Paper bats only require simple things:
  • black cardstock, 
  • a pencil
  • scissors 
  • a pattern.

Download the bat pattern here.

Instructions for making paper bats

  • Download bat pattern
  • Cut out 1/2 bat
  • Fold a piece of black cardstock in half
  • Line up the bat template on the folded side of the cardstock and trace the pattern using pencil, so the lines will show up.
  • Cut them out.  You can have your kids cut them out while your watching Hocus Pocus with your family.

Then tape them up in your windows or on the wall.  If you have natural spiderwebs in your windows
they are the perfect Halloween touch!

I have had these bats in my Halloween decorations for years.  I hang them up in my windows and take them down and store them until the next year.  I have used them year after year for the past 10 years or so.

The best view is from the outside of my home, when my home is lit up.

At the end of the season,  take the bats down and store them for next year.  The character of these bats, with parts torn from removing the tape and bent edges make me so nostalgic.  I think I will always have Paper Bats hanging in my house at Halloween!