Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Halloween Rules Art- thrift store frame update

I updated a thrift store frame to make a wall art 
decoration for Halloween.

Halloween Rules Wall Art.  How to turn a thrift store frame into holiday home decor

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I love decorating my home
with hand crafted pieces, especially for the holidays.
This vinyl art was a very fun
and easy piece to make
to adorn the walls of my home.

thrift store frame makeover

I picked up this frame from the thrift store.
It's solid wood that was already painted black.
The front was in pretty decent shape-
even a bit distressed, just like I like.

thrift store frame makeover

The back of the frame had previously been pulled 
apart.  The cardboard was held on with duct tape.
I took off the duct tape and pulled out the few remaining
staples with needle nose pliers.

thrift store frame makeover

I used hot glue to hold the glass onto the wooden frame.
Once the glass was placed back inside the frame, 
I put another line of hot glue around the outside of the glass-
just to make sure the glass stayed on the frame well.

weed vinyl, halloween art, thrift store makeover

I found a design in the Silhouette store.
I cut it from black vinyl with my *Cameo.  
I pulled off the outer vinyl
then weeded the insides of the letters with a *weeding tool.

TIPS for using vinyl

how to apply vinyl easily, halloween art, thrift store makeover

Tape backing to surface

The backing piece has a tendency to curl.  
After weeding, or maybe even before, 
tape it to a surface to hold it down.
It's so hard to transfer the vinyl when the backing
is curling up.

Use clear contact paper to transfer

I use *contact paper for transferring the vinyl instead of
 more expensive transfer paper.

how to apply vinyl easily, halloween art, thrift store makeover

Use a scraper to apply vinyl

After laying the vinyl on top of the glass
and before removing the contact paper,
use a *pan scraper on top of the contact paper
to burnish the letters down. 

Pull the contact paper diagonally

After the letters are good and stuck to the glass,
the contact paper can be removed.
Pulling it diagonally helps
the vinyl to stay attached to the glass.

Halloween vinyl art, thrift store frame update

Once the Halloween Rules Art was done,
I attached the frame to the wall with *command velcro.

Halloween vinyl art, thrift store frame update

I love the way it turned out!

Halloween rules, Halloween vinyl art, thrift store frame update

It looks so cute in this nook in my dining room
next to my built ins.

Halloween rules, Halloween vinyl art, thrift store frame update

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  1. This turned out awesome! Man that frame WAS in rough shape to begin with, haha!

    1. Thanks a bunch! Yes it was in rough shape, but I think it was a diamond in the rough! It just needed a little love to bring out the beauty! :)

  2. I love using frames from the thrift store! And you left it a little roughed up around the edges. LOOKS GREAT!!

  3. I love how it turned out! Old frames are the best!

    1. Thanks so much! Old frames really are the best!

  4. What a fun idea to have a Halloween Rules Sign! This came out great. I love the design.

    1. Thank you Jenny! The design turned out really well!

  5. Love the sign and the message! Visiting from Inspire My Creativity party.

  6. I love these rules! What a darling idea! The vinyl looks great on the glass.

    1. Thank you! I love the look of vinyl on the glass!

  7. I love it and the frame worked out perfect as well!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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