The BEST Gift Guide for the ladies in your life

What gifts to you give to the ladies in your life?
Oh sure there are crock post and vacuums
that I'm sure would be fine.
But are those the kind of gifts that
show love and appreciation?  

This Christmas Gift Guide for Women
has several useful yet thoughtful gifts
for the ladies in your life!

Christmas gift guide for women

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Y'all it's go time-
'tis the season to shop and gift!
I'm always on the look out for the BEST
gifts to give the women in my life.

Metal water bottles are the bomb!
They keep warm drinks warm and cold drinks cold!
You could even personalize it with vinyl like this.
Get a metal water bottle here

Gift guide for ladies, nail polish holder

I have the hardest time holding the nail polish
when I'm painting my nails.  
I'm so uncoordinated and worry that I'll spill the polish.
I'm sure I'm not alone in that issue!
This nail polish holder slips onto 2 fingers
and makes painting nails so much easier!
It holds the nail polish bottle secure,
while still being able to move your hands.

What lady couldn't use some new 
comfy slippers to keep their feet warm?
I especially recommend fuzzy slippers
with a cushioned inside and 
hard sole, so she can wear them when she takes
her kids to school!

ladies gift guide, what to get ladies for Christmas, make up bag

This make up bag looks amazing!
I love the adjustable compartments for all
different sizes of make up and brushes.
It would be so handy to keep all 
beauty products together!
I may need to add this to my amazon cart
as a 'To Me, From Me' gift!

ladies gift guide, what to get ladies for Christmas, dish towels

How many of you have ratty, discolored dishtowels?
Yeah I know, me too!
It's something we don't think about too often.
Dish towels easily get gross and worn out.
Plus pretty dish towels spruce up a kitchen!
I found these Christmas towels at TJ Maxx.

Gifts for women, cell phone charger, anker charger

This cell phone charger is a MUST HAVE
for anyone with a cell phone, which is all of us!
It holds 4 full charges and powers up 
a phone so quickly!

Gift Guide for women, bath salts

I think most women would love to take a leisurely bath 
with wonderful smelling bath salts.
The Eucalyptus and Spearmint scent so rejuvenating!
Any women in your life would be so happy
to get the gift of relaxing in the tub!

Gift Guide for women, bath pillow

Along with the bath salts,
you can take the comfort up a notch with a bath pillow.
If I had the salts and pillow, 
I might stay in the tub all evening!

ladies gift guide, what to get ladies for Christmas, slim wallet

I love having a slim wallet that you can 
slip a few dollars, ID and a credit card it.
It's so small it can slip into
your back pocket if you don't want to carry
your big purse!

ladies gift guide, what to get ladies for Christmas, pj pants

Oh comfy pj pants, let me count the
ways that I love thee!!  
1.  You're comfortable.
2.  You make lounging so much more enjoyable!
3.  You expand to fit my cookie belly.
Cute and Stylish PJ pants are the perfect gift for
anyone in your life because can you really
have too many pairs?

ladies gift guide, what to get ladies for Christmas, wood watch

A wood watch would make
a lovely, one of a kind gift for any woman!
I've never seen a watch that is more unique and interesting!

ladies gift guide, what to get ladies for Christmas, wood watch

Each watch from Jord, is elegantly presented in a
cedar humidor presentation box, that can be engraved
Jord (pronounced Yode) is based in St. Louis. 
The watches are are a sophisticated mix of natural, 
and largely re-claimed materials, 
combined with quality components. 

ladies gift guide, what to get ladies for Christmas, Jord wood watch

I love having a unique accessory that
matches my rustic aesthetic!
It's so versatile that it goes with anything I wear
and looks so stylish with my bracelet arm party!

ladies gift guide, what to get ladies for Christmas, Jord wood watch

The folks of Jord have generously offered 
a giveaway to my Crafty people.  
It's a chance to win $100 off of a Jord watch.
That's an incredible prize!
Everyone who enters will receive a 10% off code!
You can complete your shopping with the money you save 
and be a hero for giving the gift of a gorgeous watch!
The winner will receive a gift code, via email, to use toward
the purchase of a Jord watch.


Any of these items would make 
great gifts for the women in your life!

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