Low and No Cost Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a way to show love to your spouse or children? Do you want to give Valentine gifts that are thoughtful? I sure do!  Sometimes what holds us back is thinking that the gift has to be big or elaborate.  But that isn't necessary!

I have a list of 
Low and No Cost Valentine Gift Ideas

Low and No cost Valentine Gift Ideas

Love Letter
write an old fashioned love letter to your loved one.  Tell them why you love them and how grateful you are for them, remind them of good memories, thank them for the things they do for you

Acts of Service
do something nice for your loved one: make their bed, do the dishes, pick up their clothes, put away their laundry, wash their car, sweep the floor.  (BTW- if anyone knows my husband, please drop a hint that all of those are acts of service I would love)

Low and No cost Valentine Gift Ideas- heart attack- hearts cut from paper with compliments

Heart Attack
cut out several hearts from red/pink paper, put compliments on them, hang them on your loved one's car, the door to their room, sneak some into their backpack, or on their desk.  This is a great activity to do for a youth group or class as well.

Make a Dessert 
make your loved one's favorite dessert.  My husband would love a pan of brownies or his favorite chocolate chip cookies and my kids always love Cinnamon Roll Cake

A Quote
print off a thoughtful quote from Pinterest or make it more meaningful by using your own handwriting to letter a quote or saying onto cardstock 

Framed Photo
frame a photo of you with your loved one.  Your spouse would like a nice photo of the 2 of you on his desk!  You could even print out photos for your kids. I'm not sure my kids would like a framed
photo of me, but I know they'd like one of our family or of their friends or girl/boyfriend.

Treasure Hunt
leave clues around your house or around your loved one's room to take them from place to place and then collect a treasure at the end. The treasure could be one of the gifts suggested in this list.

Authentic Compliments
send texts, make a phone call, or verbally speak to your loved one through out the day to share how much you love and appreciate them.

Low and No cost Valentine Gift Ideas- buy a favorite treat or drink

Buy a Fave Drink/Treat
stop by the store and get them their favorite treat! Everyone has things they like- be it a protein bar, a fountain drink, Starbucks, Reese's Peanut Butter cups or a slushie from the gas station.

make coupons for things your loved one would like
for a spouse:  back rub, date night, pick a movie or activity 
for kids:  get out of chores, go on a date, stay up late, choose dinner meal

Favorite Meal
make a favorite meal. You have to make dinner anyway, might as well make something that will make your spouse, boyfriend or kids feel loved!

Love List 
make a list of things you love about your loved one and give it to them- include inside jokes, shared experiences, personality traits and physical appearance

Social Media Post
write a sweet post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat about your loved one! Everyone loves having nice things said about them!

Low and No cost Valentine Gift Ideas from www.shescraftycrafty.com

Hopefully these ideas will help you share love with the people you love!