Friday, January 25, 2019

Valentine's Day Vignettes

Do you think decorating your home is a waste of time?
Have you ever heard that Valentine's Day is 
just a Hallmark holiday?
I don't believe either of those things.

Today I'm sharing Valentine Vignettes
from around my home and why I 
believe that you should decorate your home 
for you and your family! 

Valentine's Day Vignettes & why you should decorate your home for you and your family

I've said it before and I'll say it a million times,
I think it's so fun to celebrate any and all holidays!
And I celebrate by decorating my home 
for all of the holidays, both big and small!

Valentine's Day is a favorite of mine!
I love  L O V E!

I've added pops of red and hearts
all around my home-
starting at the front door with 
a Hearth and Hand Eucalyptus Wreath
embellished with a wooden heart and ribbons.

Valentine's Day Vignettes, front door wreath for Valentine's Day

Crafting a comfortable, enjoyable and 
relaxing home with charming holiday touches 
are one of of the ways  
that I take care of my family.
And the bonus of that is 
being creative while doing so gives me joy!

Valentine's Day Vignettes, farmhouse shelving unit, Valentine's Day Decor

I love to make decor items to display in my home
such as a paper mache' house
decorated as a Love Shack!

Valentine's Day Vignettes, farmhouse shelving unit, handmade Valentine's decor, love shack

Using beloved treasures around our home, 
like this vintage gumball machine,
that have been handed down from family 
or that I've collected over
the years brings me tons of joy!

Valentine's Day Vignettes, Vintage Gumball Machine, Valentine's Day Decor

I also like to use my collections, like metal cookie cutters,
 displayed in  new and unique ways.

Valentine's Day Vignettes, Valentine's table centerpiece, dyed rice and cookie cutters

Either gathered into vases with colored rice
or gathered in a jar with lights.

Valentine's Day Vignettes, lighted Valentine's jar with cookie cutters

It's my favorite when I can go
into my craft room and create something for my home!

Valentine's Day Vignettes,vintage shutters, Valentine paper decor

I created this Valentine concentric heart art
by hand cutting hearts from various 
patterned papers and hot gluing
various trims to the edges.
I was going for an old school Valentine look.
I hung the piece from a hanger.

Valentine's Day Vignettes,vintage shutters, Valentine paper decor

The Valentine resin figures were purchased 
around 10 years ago
to represent my children.
They are so charming in this display with
a jar of game pieces and flags hand cut 
from fun foam and tied to a dowel!
The red tray is the top of an old popcorn tin.

So why should you decorate with you 
and your family in mind?

Creating a home full of love and joy by 
displaying mementos of  shared experiences
adds richness to life.  Your home
houses the most important people in the world!
It is not vain to to create a haven 
for those people!
It's not showing off!
It's showing up as the best you
and crafting a life you choose to live!

Decorate your home the way you want 
with the things you love!

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  1. Such adorable vignettes... I especially like the cookie cutters with the rice. Did you color your own rice? Where do you get it? Visiting by way of Morning Cup of Joe... would love you to join us at Homestyle Gathering at . :-)

    1. Hi Julie! I dyed the rice by putting red food coloring onto a few cups of rice and then sprinkled vinegar over it. I spread it out onto a cookie sheet and let it dry over night. Worked like a charm!

  2. I love all of your vignettes - particularly the cookie cutters. So clever! I also love the wreath on the door. And my parents have one a vintage gumball machine on a stand. So much fun! Thanks for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much Amy! I was so happy to find a way to display my cookie cutter collection! Have a great day!

  3. These are such sweet ideas! I always have trouble decorating for anything other than Christmas, so it's great to see some fun ideas :) I love the wreath, the cookie cutters, and one with the resin figures! So pretty! Thanks so much for sharing at Sweet Inspiration! Looking forward to seeing more of your awesome projects :)

  4. Goodness what adorable vignettes! (The gumball one though is my fave) :) Thanks for sharing at "Sweet Inspiration"!

  5. I couldn't agree more with your ideas about decorating for holidays. We don't even have children, but yet I decorate for each holiday. It just makes me happy! Thanks for sharing your vignettes.


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