How to make Medical Cross Sign

Give any space in your home some farmhouse charm by crafting an Easy DIY Medical Cross Sign  

Medical Cross Wooden Sign  |   Make this Wooden Sign of a Medical Cross with supplies you probably already have  |  Easy DIY  |   She's Crafty

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I had a spot in my half bathroom that needed a little something, something.  Rather than run to Hobby Lobby,  I decided to my crafting skills to work!  It's actually pretty easy to craft special art pieces for your home to give it a charming touch!   This sign is so easy, it hardly needs a tutorial, but I am doing one anyway, because that's how I roll!  :)

Supplies needed for Medical Cross Wooden Sign

how to make a medical cross sign

Paint wood piece with white paint.

how to make a medical cross sign

After the white paint dries,  tape off a medical cross with painters tape.  I didn't measure or make the lines  perfect, I just eyeballed it, since I like the imperfect look.

how to make a medical cross sign

Then paint several coats of black paint inside the taped area. After the paint was dried, I peeled the tape off, then gave the piece a sanding to soften the edges and distress it a bit.

how to make a medical cross sign

I hung the sign in my half bath with command velcro.

farmhouse bathroom decor- medical cross sign

It makes me proud to see my handmade items on the wall.  The Medical Cross Sign goes perfectly with the farmhouse decor in my half bathroom.

The newly crafted sign is displayed next to a washing board that my grandmother used.  I found the old doctors office jars at Goodwill. The market toilet paper holder is from Hobby Lobby.

Part of the fun of creating artwork for my home is to see how I can do it without spending a lot of money.  This sign cost about $1 to make and took less than an hour, including drying time. Don't be afraid to try your hand at creating decor for your home!

DIY instructions to make a medical cross sign for farmhouse bathroom decor