Friday, February 22, 2019

7 ways to display photos without a frame

Fill your home with photos and memories by 

Displaying Photos in 7 ways other than a frame.

7 ways to display photos without a frame

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It is so important to create home spaces that are comfortable and filled with deep meaning! That is why I fill the walls of my home with photos- of the people that we love,  and memories of the things we have done together.

Family photos are perfect for connecting us with our past and to our own story!

Family photos are my favorite artwork to adorn the walls and spaces in my home.  In fact I may be a little bit crazy about it!  But really, can you display too many photos of your sweet kiddos and all of the memories you have made together?  I think not!

A photo frame is the standard way to display photos.  I have plenty of them around!  But it's fun using new ways to display photos without using a frame.

7 Ways to Display Photos without a Frame

1. Use a clipboard

7 ways to display photos without a frame - use a DIY clipboard

You can use a clipboard from the office supply section or make one of your own.

I made this clipboard with a 9" x 12" piece of wood that I stained, then attached a clipboard clip. It's the perfect place to display a pic of my handsome son who is graduating this year!

2. Make a photo banner

7 ways to display photos without a frame - make a photo banner

Use mini clothespins to clip photos to twine to make a photo banner.

3. Photo Ledge Shelves

7 ways to display photos without a frame - photo ledge shelves

Make photo ledge shelves to display mounted family photos without a frame. Instructions for making photo ledge shelves here.

4. Use a foldable ruler

7 ways to display photos without a frame - foldable ruler

You can use a vintage ruler like the one I purchased at the flea market or buy a new one. The photo slips in between the spaces of the folded ruler.  It is tight enough to hold a photo, like this one of me as a baby with my beautiful mom, upright.

5. Use a door knob

7 ways to display photos without a frame - use a door knob

I hot glued a large paper clip into the opening of a vintage door knob.  It's an interesting holder for a small photo!

6. Vintage Floral Frog

7 ways to display photos without a frame - use a floral frog

I found a vintage floral frog at the flea market. I stuck a snapshot of my husband and me on our 20th anniversary into the tines of the floral frog. This whole things would look so cute on a shelf or even underneath a cloche.

7.  Use a hanger with clips

7 ways to display photos without a frame - use a hanger with clips

I picked up this hanger at a craft store.  It's perfect to hang a large photo!

It is so fun to Display Photos without a Frame.  The charming displays make the photos more interesting!

7 ways to display photos without a frame - use vintage and unexpected items to display family photos in your home


  1. I love the hangers! I saw someone display magazines that way. It was a very cool modern vibe. I also have hung pictures on those six framed window panes. Very farmhouse!

    1. I love the idea to display magazines that way! How cute!

  2. I love both the clipboard and hanger idea for hanging photos! It’s so cute!

  3. What cleaver and creative ways to display photos - I LOVE them all. I've never thought about using a clip board, a hanger, or a vintage item that can hold and display them so well. Thank you so much for sharing and I'm going to try some of these soon.

  4. I love the coat hanger! Some awesome and unique ideas here, I look forward to trying some out!

  5. Love the flower frog and hanger ideas, Candice! Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering! Hope to see you each week!

  6. Thank you! I look forward to your link party each week!


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