Easter Basket Gift Ideas - for ANY age

Are you looking for gift ideas for the Easter Bunny to deliver to your kids of any age?

My 3 kids have a variety of ages, interests and are so different even though they come from the same family.  So when I am looking for gifts, I have a hard time trying to find them separate but equal gifts.  After lots of research, I have come up with a list of Easter Gifts for kids of any age.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for ANY age- lots of ideas for kids of all ages

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No matter how old my kids get, I will always want to give my kids Easter gifts.  Now that I have a kid that is an adult, I still want to give him gifts, but needed to come up with a few new ideas.  This list of Easter Basket Gift Ideas will work for anyone!

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for ANY age- summer pajamas


At this time of year, when the weather is getting warmer, everyone is ready to change their winter woollies for light pajamas.

teen girl - woman,  toddler - child,  teen boy - men

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for ANY age- flip flops

Flip Flops

Flip Flops are perfect to wear to the beach, pool or anytime if you're like me.  Throw last year's beat up flippies away and put a fresh new pair in your kids basket.

adult sizesboysgirls

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for ANY age- swim suit

Swim Suits

Swim suits wear out from season to season, not too mention, bodies grow and change!  A great Easter gift is fresh poolwear!

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Easter Basket Gift Ideas for ANY age- beach towels

Beach Towel

How in the world do towels disappear, get holes in them and get so gross while sitting in the cupboard?  I need to throw all mine away and get all new!  I think I'll be getting my kids some new beach towels this year.

for anyone

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for ANY age- yard toys

Outdoor Toys

After being inside all winter, kids of all ages would love toys to get outside in the fresh air with fun toys to enjoy the sunshine!  I know my older kids would love some of these yard games!

squirt guns,  sprinkler toys,  family lounge pool,  stomp rocket,  Yardzee,  Spike Ball,  Nerf Football,  Sidewalk Chalk,  Bubbles

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for ANY age- grooming products

Grooming Products

A great and usable gift is special hygiene items that you wouldn't normally buy.  I'm sure smaller kids probably wouldn't love getting shampoo in their Easter basket, but they would probably like flavored lip balm.

body wash, lip gloss, hair gel, lotion, electric toothbrush, hair products, hair ties

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for ANY age- non candy treats

Non Candy Treats

Special food, that you would normally buy, makes great Easter basket gifts.   My kids love Poptarts but only get them on special occasions, making them a perfect Easter gift.

sugary cereal, gum, chips, nuts, jerky, pop tarts

Easter Basket Gift Ideas for ANY age- gift cards

Gift Cards

Gift cards do not have to be for a lot of money!   My kids love getting a $5  gift card to Sonic or Five Below, or even the gas station that has their favorite slushies.

Other ideas:  music, favorite fast food, dollar store, Five Below

Armed with this list of ideas, I will be able to give all of my kids Easter Basket Gifts that they will enjoy!

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