How to Hang and Style Open Bookshelves in Teen Bedroom

We recently redesigned my teen daughter's bedroom.  She had so many creative ideas to show her personality in her room.  One of those ideas is hanging wall shelves and styling them to show her books and mementos.  

How to hang and style open bookshelves in a teen girl bedroom

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My daughter has her own opinions on how she wants her bedroom to be decorated.  At first I didn't really want her to do it on her own because I love decorating!  But once I relaxed into it and let her spread her wings a bit, not only did she enjoy putting her personality into her room, I love the way it turned out! 

Our first project was hanging shelves on her wall.  We used black track shelving with uprights and brackets and unfinished pine boards.  I enlisted my husband's help to hang the tracks.  It was a little challenging hanging them in the right spot, anchored and level.  But luckily, he's a very patient man and was able to get it done.

Supplies needed for open wall mounted shelves

How to hang and style open books shelves in teen room

We hung the tracks first, and put brackets in.  I dry sat the pine boards on the brackets to get spacing.  Once we came up with a configuration my daughter liked, I cut the boards down to size with my saw.  When she changes her mind on shelf placement, the pine boards lift off and the brackets are easily movable.  

How to hang and style open books shelves in teen room

After the shelves were hung, we as her parents bowed out and let her do her thing!  She grabbed all of the things that are important to her and got to work!

Teen Room:  How to hang and style open wall shelves

These shelves are a great place to store and display her most important things!  She styled her shelves with tokens of her travels, like a jar of shells from the beach at Gulf Shores and many tokens of her trip to Japan last summer.  She has become so fascinated with the culture of Japan that she has also started collecting Japanese language books and Japanese pottery.

Styling open wall shelves in teen room with cactus, letterboards and books

She has a shelf for her real cactus plants that are named:  Ceaser, Brutus and Calpernia.  Near the bottom is her ukulele, if she decides to pick it up and strum a tune.  

Styling open wall shelves in teen room with rainbowtized books

Of course she has plenty of room for her beloved books which look so cute rainbowtized.  They make such darling decor in this Teen Girl room!

Decor for teen girl room - open wall shelves in teen room with rainbowtized books

She snagged my college papasan chair from the attic and tucked it underneath her shelves to relax as she reads, listens to music or plays her ukulele.

How to hang and style wall book shelves in teen girl room

The Open Bookshelves in our Teen Girl's Room turned out so so so cute and are chock full of her personality!