Clever ideas for a Graduation Display

After 12 long years of going to school, graduation is a time to celebrate!  You can show off the accomplishments of your graduate with these  Clever Ideas for a Graduation Display Table.  

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12 years of school is a long time!  Students learn a lot, participate in clubs, sports and after school activities and accumulate memories along the way.  When it came time to plan a graduation party for my son's high school graduation, I wanted to include as many memories as possible.  I took a small part of the room the party was held in a made a Graduation Display, celebrating my son's accomplishments.

Items to include in a Graduation Display

What to include in a Graduation Display

Don't Forget:  backdrop, table cloth

Items to include in a graduation display - card box, photos, tshirt quilt


Photos are probably the number one thing to display at a graduation party!  I had photos from my son's Senior Pictures printed in various sizes and we hung them and placed them all around the display table.  The large graduation cap photo was mounted on foam core so it could be displayed on an easel.

Graduation Card Box

Most guests bring cards to give to the graduate so a card collection box is a really important thing to include at a graduation party.  

Make a Graduation Display to celebrate your graduate

Advice Jar

People who love and care about my graduate, came to celebrate him at his party.  That is the perfect time for them to leave a morsel of advice as he goes off to college.  All of the advice can be collected in an advice jar, which is also a decorative addition to his display table.

Cap, Gown and Cords

We have to purchase the cap, gown and cords so they are ours to keep.  They make the perfect thing to display!

Make a Graduation Display to celebrate your graduate

Accomplishments and Favorites List

I wanted a place to show all of the wonderful things my son has accomplished in his 4 years of high school.  I used a tri fold display board.  Down the center, I wrote (with a lettering assist by his sister) his accomplishments and activities.  Down the sides I included some of his favorite things.  


Of course a graduation party should include the graduates diploma!  I would have included his diploma from Seminary Graduation as well, but that ceremony was held the night after his party. 

How to make a graduation display for your graduate


To use as a backdrop, I made my son a quilt from T shirts he has worn over the years.  He didn't know I saved his shirts from scout camp, middle school, band, vacations and from his football practices, so it was an exciting surprise.  I hadn't finished the back of the quilt at the time of his party, but the front served as a great backdrop for his display table.  I am not a seamstress but even I managed to make a quilt top using this tutorial.  

Table Cloth

I actually forgot a tablecloth so I just grabbed a cheapy plastic one.  I think it would have looked much nicer with a better table cloth, but ya gotta use what ya have!

How to make a graduation display for your graduate

With only a little bit of planning and collecting, (this was one of the most fun things I did for his party) a Graduation Display makes such a fun way to show all that a graduate has accomplished!

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