How to create the perfect Graduation Table Centerpieces

Are you throwing a graduation party and looking for easy table decorations?  Don't worry, I got you!  I have an idea for super easy Graduation Table Centerpieces!

How to make easy and inexpensive Graduation Table Centerpieces

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high school graduate - graduation party table centerpieces

My son graduated from high school last week.  I really want to wax poetic about how quickly the  years flew by and that I am definitely not responsible enough to have an adult child that is getting ready to go off to college, but that is not what this post is about!  :)  This post and the next few posts are going to be all about the graduation party we threw to celebrate!  

There were lots of DIY projects that went in to this party, starting with the table centerpieces.

how to make graduation party table centerpieces

Supplies Needed for Graduation Table Centerpieces

All of the above are links to order the supplies online.  I purchased most of the items locally.  I got large vases from the thrift store, shred from the dollar store or Easter grass clearanced after the holiday, and dowels and clothespins from Walmart.

How to assemble Graduation Table Centerpieces

  • Hot glue small clothespins to the non sharp end of a skewer. 

Make photo clips from skewers and clothespins to display photos for graduation centerpiece

  • Download graduate and 2019 die cut from Silhouette store, cut graduate out of black cardstock and 2019 from paper in school colors.

  • Cut 1/2" x 36" dowel in half with a saw.  Hot glue 2 graduate die cuts sandwiching the top of the dowel, so that there is a die cut on both sides.
  • Fill large vase or jar with shred.

How to make table centerpieces for graduation party

  • Wrap curling ribbon around lip of jar and use the ribbon to tie a 2019 die cut onto jar.  
  • Curl the ribbon with scissors.

  • Place shred into jar.
  • Add graduate dowel and photo clip skewers by placing them into shred.
  • Clip 4x6 photos onto the photo clips.  

This centerpiece costs about $2 or so to make since I had many of the supplies on hand.  But even buying everything brand new, this is a cost effective way to make table centerpieces for a graduation party!  

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