8 Road Trip Myths and Easy Solutions

Have you ever wanted to go on a road trip but can't because of how hard it is or you can't do it on your own or any number of reasons?  I get it, I've been there.  Here are 8 Road Trip Myths and easy solutions to help you go!

8 road trip myths and easy solutions for your travel

I am here to tell you that you can take any road trip.  There are solutions for all of the problems you could encounter.  I recently drove across the country from Tennessee to Idaho and back, with just myself and my 3 kids and worked through many of those issues.  

8 road trip myths and easy solutions for your travel - vehicle is too old to make the trip

Myth #1 - My car is too old to drive that far.

My van is a 2006 and has over 200,000 miles on it.  I'm not going to lie- I was nervous to drive it across the country.  Even though I have kept up with the maintenance during the life of my van, I was still apprehensive.  To fix this problem, I took my van to the mechanic to give it a once over, change the oil and replace the worn tires.  My van was declared to be safe to travel, and it was.  It performed like a champ the entire trip and gave us no problems!

8 road trip myths and easy solutions for your travel - I cannot drive across the country

Myth #2- I can't drive that far.

You'd be surprised at how easy it is to drive across the country.  I broke it up into about 10-12 hour driving days and had no problem.  I actually enjoyed the drive since I had my kids undivided attention and they had mine.  We chatted about all of the topics that were on their minds, like college, high school and middle school, friends, testimonies, Jesus Christ, The Restoration, goals, dreams, and we listened to podcasts like "Stuff you should know."  That time in the car was such a precious time to just 'be' with my kids.

8 road trip myths and easy solutions for your travel - my kids aren't good travelers - welcome to utah sign

Myth #3 - My kids can't handle it and/or aren't good travelers.  

The very best thing you can do is have low expectations and plan to stop as often as needed.  My kids are teens now, so they were happy to hang out on their phones the entire time we traveled.  I even had to make them get out of the car when we stopped for gas.  Another idea is to travel at night.  When our kids were small, my husband and I would leave for our long road trips at 6pm and trade off driving through the night.  Of course we felt terrible the next day, but was a small price to pay to have our kids sleep through the night and make our drive much easier.  

8 road trip myths and easy solutions for your travel - I don't know where to stay - use the Priceline app and online recommendations

Myth #4 - I don't know where to stay.

Use the Priceline app and read the reviews.  Ask for recommendations from people you know. I guarantee that someone in your friends/family group has traveled anywhere you could possibly go and has great ideas for where to stay.  Or you could stick to hotel chains you know, like the Holiday Inn Express.

8 road trip myths and easy solutions for your travel - I can't go without my husband - use the price line app or online recommendations

Myth #5 - My husband has to work and I can't go without him.  

You can totally do it on your own.  If you don't think you can navigate, use a GPS or the map app on your phone.  I am completely directionally challenge and get turned around everywhere I go.  To combat this, I used my phone to navigate the entire way to Rexburg, Idaho from Nashville, Tennessee and everywhere in between.  Technology and cell towers have come such a long way that I had cell phone service the entire trip.  It kept us from getting lost, told me where traffic was, where roadwork was being done, and took me on the quickest route that included highways, not just freeways.

8 road trip myths and easy solutions for your travel - I don't know what to do between here and there - fiiz drinks

Myth #6 - I don't know what to do between here and there.

Again, ask for recommendations.  You'll be surprised at how many people have driven or been to wherever you are going and have great recommendations.

I hadn't been to Idaho since I was a little girl and didn't know what to do there.  I asked an Instagram friend, Sherelle, who lives local what was good in the area.  She gave me excellent recommendations.  One of the the places she suggested was Bear World where we saw bears, actual bears, from our car.  There was also a petting zoo with many animals including bear cubs and baby deer.  Bear World ended up being one of our favorite places we stopped.

8 road trip myths with easy solutions - eat at familiar restaurants

Myth #7 - I don't know where to eat.

This one is kind of silly since even tiny towns have familiar restaurants.  My son loves Taco Bell and Subway and we found one in every town we were in.  We also tried a bunch of local restaurants.  At one of the places we stopped in Grand Junction, Colorado, my kids were the only kids in the entire restaurant.  My kids are pretty well behaved since they are older, but it was still pretty funny to see  the restaurant staff in a hurry to get us out of there.

8 road trip myths with easy solutions - stay safe - welcome to Idaho sign

Myth #8 - It's not safe.

There are many things you can do to make traveling safe.  Only stop at well lit and well populated gas stations and rest areas.  Don't go too many places after dark.  Keep all valuables hidden.  Stay aware of your surroundings.  My son is a big boy and could potentially protect us, but I never felt even nervous because of keeping away from areas that could be dangerous.

8 reasons you may not want to go on a road trip with easy solutions to help you still go

Road trips are so much fun!  With a little research and a lot of patience, you can have a great time!  I hope these solutions for 8 Road Trip Myths helped you and gave you confidence to tackle a road trip in the future!

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