6 Craft Room Essentials

What should I have in my craft room?  What do I need?  What are the most important things to put in my crafting space?

Since I am in the process of moving and redoing my craft room, I have been putting a lot of thought into what's important to have to have in a craft room.  I have evaluated all of the fluff that I've had in my crafting space that is no longer serving me.  I've boiled it all down into

6 essential things to have in your craft room

6 essentials to have in any craft room

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In this house my craft room has evolved from a closet, to part of a room, to an entire room and now I'm back to my roots in a closet.  In the process of all of those moves, I have learned what I really need.

I thought my craft room needed to be big, with tons of space to hold all of my stuff.  But what I really had was a lot of unused crap in that space, so it was really inefficient.  I have been editing and purging unused craft supplies and tools, storage containers, and many decorative items that were just collecting dust.  I am happy to have boiled it all down into what I really need.

6 things that are essential to a craft room

  • storage
  • work surface
  • lighting
  • all usable space
  • zones
  • extras


Ya gotta contain your stuff!  

6 essentials to have in any craft room- wooden storage cubes with drawers

Craft Storage Cubes:  The best things I have in my craft room are craft storage cubes.  I have 6 lined up in my craft closet and am using 6 as a long desk that holds mine and my kids computer.  These cubes are invaluable.  I use them to store paint, my camera equipment, stickers, craft supplies, tools, stamps, punches, jewelry making supplies, desk supplies and paper.

6 essentials to have in any craft room- 12 x 12 buffalo check storage boxes

Storage Boxes:  On top of my craft storage cubes, I added 12 x 12 storage boxes.   I found cute buffalo check boxes at Hobby Lobby.  They work great to store stamps, my current project stuff, paper and anything I need to keep handy.

6 essentials to have in any craft room- glass jars to storage ribbon on shelves

Work Surface

Ya gotta have a place to do your projects!

This is one I'm still working on but I needed to mention it, for obvious reasons.  I will have stand up space inside my craft closet once I get it all worked out.  Plus I plan to get a fold up table to have outside my craft closet, similar to this, when needed for larger projects.


Lighting is crucial so you can see all of your projects!

6 essentials to have in any craft room- clip on task lighting

I have a little, baby ceiling light in my closet that is completely insufficient.  While I'd love natural light, I think putting in a sky light or window is a little extra.  To make the most of the lighting I have, I put in a day light, light bulb that is quite bright.  Then I added a clip on desk lamp.  I like that I can move my desk lamp around and clip it right where I need the light.  I also have a phone holder with light ring that I use for lighting photos and videos.

Use all available space

When you're craft room is small, you have to use all of the space you have.

6 essentials to have in any craft room- shelves on the wall for storage

Shelves:    Wall shelves let me use wall space as storage space.  In my craft room I hung black shelf brackets on the wall and put a 1 x 8 on top.  I found one pre cut to 48" at Lowe's that worked perfectly in my space.  Hanging shelves on the wall gives a bunch of storage space.

Wire Baskets:  I store floss, twine, yarn and trims in wire baskets (similar).

Glass Jars:  Clothes pins and other wooden supplies are stored in glass jars.  Colorful ribbon is stored in quart mason jars that I got at Walmart, 12 for $12. (similar) I store my buttons in a vintage gumball machine, that looks exactly like this one

6 essentials to have in any craft room- drawer dividers

Drawer Dividers:  In the craft storage cubes in my room, I divided the drawers with storage trays. I am able to keep the drawers more organized. 


Have a section in your crafting area for each hobby

6 essentials to have in any craft room- crafting zones

I have sectioned my tiny little craft closet into zones. So far I have a sewing zone, with my sewing machine on a rolling cart, and a computer zone, outside my craft closet.  I will have a Silhouette zone as well.  The other zones I am considering are painting and photography,


All of the little things that make a crafting area functional!  

6 essentials to have in any craft room- hooks for aprons on bi-fold doors

Hooks: Over the door hooks come in really handy for aprons and other hanging storage.  (similar)  Since I have bi-fold doors in my craft room, the hooks help me to use space that wouldn't otherwise be used.

6 essentials to have in any craft room- mini broom and dust pan

Cleaning essentials:  Messes in a craft room are unavoidable.  So having tools to clean them up is essential.  A mini broom and dustpan set (similar) has become one of my most used items.  I use it to clean up glitter, thread and paper scraps.  It's small size makes it perfect to hang underneath my desk for a quick clean up.

6 essentials to have in any craft room- cute, black and white striped trash can

Of course another cleaning essential in a craft room is a trash can.  When that trash can is cute, it adds some style as well!

When you are planning your craft room, these 6 essentials are a great place to begin thinking.  I didn't go into needed tools because I think that's pretty personal.  We all need different things.  Hopefully this gave you some ideas on how to use your crafting space most efficiently!

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