Pegboard Craft Room Storage with vintage yardsticks

Redoing my craft room is one of my favorite hobbies in the world.  I must have redone in a million times.  Well, get ready for 1 million and 1, because I am working on a big redo as I type this.  The first thing I have done in my new and improved craft room is put in a

Pegboard for Craft Room Storage

How to hang and use a pegboard for Craft Room Storage

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I am redoing the old craft closet I used several years ago and making it my new and improved crafting area.  Space is at a premium, so I plan to use every bit to it's fullest potential, including the walls.  

I thought I came up with a brilliant idea to use a pegboard.  I even found one in my garage storage that I could reuse.  Yay!  But after a little searching, I found that I am a little late to the craft room pegboard storage idea.  See my Pinterest board with tons of great craft room ideas, including tons of pegboard storage.  I totally get why so many people have used it- Pegboard is a great solution for any craft space

Supplies needed for pegboard storage in craft room

The first step is to go to Lowes and find George.  Tell him what you are doing.  He will cut 1 x 2's down to size for you, even though he works in the paint department and they aren't supposed to make detailed cuts on that huge saw.  George cut 1x2's into a perfect rectangle of 2' x 4', the exact size of my pegboard.

How to Hang a Pegboard In your Craft Room

  • I screwed the 1x2's onto my wall.  I used a small level, that I keep in my craft room, to make sure the wood was level.  The 1 x 2's act as a spacer so that you can use pegboard hooks.
  • On top of the 1x2's, I placed the pegboard and then screwed it into the 1x2's. 
  • All along the way, I kept using the level to make sure everything was level. 

After the pegboard was hung, I hot glued vintage rulers all the way around it.  I used a small hacksaw to cut the rulers to fit the board.  Vintage Yardsticks have such great patina, I love using them for various projects like Vintage Yardstick Photo Holder.

I filled the pegboard with hooks and got to work filling it up.  

The long pegboard hooks work perfectly to hold a shelf.

I filled the shelf with all of my small collectibles.  I love Wonder Woman, Little Mermaid and camera stuff.

I used black metal baskets from Target Dollar Spot (similar here) to hold yarn balls.  I used a dowel to hold twine.

I used a small wooden thread rack (similar) to hold all of my thread and bobbins.

The pegboard hooks work great to hold my scissors and rotary cutter.

I like to keep small drying racks for painting projects.  The long pegboard hooks work great to hold them, my paper trimmer and tape.

I used buckets from my stash (purchased at the Target Dollar Spot) to hold pens and markers.  

I am so happy with the pegboard storage in my craft room.  It has kept my most used tools handy and looks pretty good too.