Ornament Christmas Tradition

Don't you just love this time of year!  The sights and the smells and the lights and the cheer!  I love it all!  Christmas time is all about traditions, and we have a ton!  One of my favorites is the Ornament Tradition.

Ornament Christmas Tradition - add this heartwarming yearly tradition to your Christmas celebrations

When I was a little girl, we had the tradition that my mom let us pick out, or make, an ornament that represented my brother and myself for the year.  I still have an ornament from 1981 that I place on our Christmas tree every year.  It's the yellow haired angel in the center right of the tree.  

Ornament Christmas Tradition - hang yearly ornaments on Christmas tree

When I got married and started having children of my own, the ornament tradition is one of the things I wanted to continue with my kids.  

Ornament Christmas Tradition - hang yearly ornaments on Christmas tree

This pains me to admit, but there have been some years that I didn't want my kids to put their ornaments on my "decorative tree."  I was so concerned with what it looked like, that I didn't want anyone to mess up my vision.  (BIGGEST EYE ROLL at myself- ever) 

Ornament Christmas Tradition - let kids decorate their own Christmas tree with yearly ornaments

I solved that by putting a tree in our playroom.  It's our old tree (like 15 years old) that my kids put colored lights on.  Then they can hang anything they want on the tree.  All of the ornaments they make in school, ornaments they get in exchanges, handmade ornaments-  anything goes.  

Ornament Christmas Tradition - let kids decorate their own Christmas tree with yearly ornaments

One night every December, we get the boxes out of the attic and the kids get to decorate their tree.  Then they add their new yearly ornament.  Some years they have been sports balls or karate.  But every year it's something to represent their year.

Ornament Christmas Tradition -how to store yearly ornaments

I store each of their ornaments in separate boxes.  The original theory was that they'll take the box of ornaments with them when they get married and move out.  Now that they are closer to the age of that actually happening, I don't like that idea at all!  (cue mama tears)

Ornament Christmas Tradition - write name and year on the back of ornaments

Every year when they get new ornaments, I always think I'll never forget the details, but of course, I do.  So I write the year and their name on the back with a sharpie.  

Ornament Christmas Tradition - get a new ornament each year to represent the year

These are my kids' ornaments for 2019.
  • Mason - graduated from high school, so his ornament is his tassel in a clear ball.  I strung the string of the tassel right through the top of the ornament and then hot glued the top on.
  • Addi - has accomplished so much this year, from believing in herself.  She is going to write all of her accomplishments and activities in her pretty handwriting around the edges of the ornament.
  • Kannon - started middle school this year.  We couldn't find a middle school ornament, so we got a K and will write the details on the back.

The Ornament Tradition is a beloved activity in our family.  We look forward to it every year.