Kids Bathroom Makeover on a budget

Do you want to redo your bathroom but don't have the budget for a full remodel?  I think most us are in that place.  What if I told you there was plenty of things you could do in your bathroom to get a new look with a low price tag?  It's true!  Check out this Bathroom Makeover on a Budget.

Bathroom Makeover on a budget  |  See how easy it is to give a bathroom a makeover on a very small budget   |   She's Crafty

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How to Makeover a Bathroom on a budget

Bathroom Makeover on a budget  |  before makeover, paint over black cabinets, paint walls, take down large mirror glued to wall

Prepare the room 

  • Take down the ugly builder monster mirror.  When I was planning this makeover, I thought for sure we'd have to break the mirror to get it down and end up with glass shards all over the place.  But my husband and I followed this tutorial and got it down with only a small chip, which of course I found when I cut my finger on it while cleaning.  
  • Patch the walls.  Those giant mirrors are glued on really well.  Plan to spend lots of time patching and sanding.  Take your time because the better job you do patching, the better your wall will look.  Patch nail holes on all of the other walls as well.  
  • Take off all of the outlet and light switch covers.  While they are off, wash them.  You'll be surprised at how much dirt comes off of them.  ew.
  • Remove drawer pulls and cabinet knobs.
  • Wipe down vanity with TSP to remove grease and debris.
  • Wipe down walls and base boards to remove dirt and dry wall dust.

Bathroom Makeover on a budget  |  paint bathroom cabinets Brisk Olive by Valspar, paint walls with leftover paint


Paint is one of the best and least expensive ways to update any space.  I have been a big fan for years, so much so that I have tons of leftover paint.  I took all of that leftover paint and mixed it together to get a new wall color.

  • Prime the vanity with a high bonding primer.  Follow the drying and repeat coat instructions on the container.  
  • Paint the walls.  I use an angled brush to cut in.  But if you need to use tape, just do it.  You will thank yourself later when you don't have to touch up the ceiling, baseboards and molding. 
  • Paint the molding.  All of the molding and baseboards in this room needed a fresh coat of white semi gloss paint, so I painted them after I was finished with the walls.  It surprising how touching up the white paint makes the room look SO much better!

Bathroom Makeover on a budget  |  paint bathroom cabinets Brisk Olive by Valspar, paint walls with leftover paint, make shelf to hold mirrors, shelf above vanity

New Mirror(s) and Decor

A long time ago, I saw the most beautiful bathroom that Nikki Grandy did.  She placed the bathroom mirrors on a long shelf that ran along the wall above the vanity.  I LOVED it!  And I knew it would be perfect in this bathroom.

  • Build the shelf with a 1 x 4 and corner brackets.  Cut the wood to 60 inches and sand and stain it on all sides.  Spray paint the silver corner brackets black, as well as the screws.  Then attach the brackets to the shelf and hang it above the vanity.  

Bathroom Makeover on a budget  |   make shelf to hold mirrors, shelf above vanity, DIY framed mirrors

  • I looked everywhere for mirrors that were rectangles with low profile frames, with no luck.  So I purchased frame less mirrors that had beveled edges and built a frame for them with molding.
  • I couldn't figure out where to put a hand towel holder, so I picked up a oval bucket and used the handles to hold hand towels for now.  The bucket also works to hold bathroom supplies like the hair dryer.

Bathroom Makeover on a budget  |  DIY shelf, letterboard, vintage first aid kit

  • I made a shelf to hang in the bathroom by cutting a 1x4 and 1x3 to 30 inches.  Then I glued and screwed them together.  I stained them the same color as the shelf above the vanity.  
  • I placed a letter board and a vintage first aid kit upon the shelf.  

Bathroom Makeover on a budget  |  paint bathroom cabinets Brisk Olive by Valspar, paint walls with leftover paint, make shelf to hold mirrors, shelf above vanity

  • For window treatments, we just needed privacy, and wanted to keep the natural light.  So I simply hemmed a piece of white cotton fabric and draped it over a tension rod.  I kept the selvage edge of the fabric to add a tiny little detail.
  • After all of the big stuff is done, you can add a rug, a plant, a toilet paper holder and over the door towel hooks.

I think the grand total of this bathroom makeover was less than $100, and I finished it in about 2 days.  Not too bad for the big impact it made.

Supply List for bathroom makeover on a budget

Many of the supplies were found in stores local to me.  I have provided Amazon links to similar products.

If you are thinking of upgrading your bathroom, or any room in your house, give it a shot!  You can look up how to do just about anything on youtube, get project inspiration and instruction on Pinterest and find ways to do a Bathroom Makeover on a Budget.

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