Tips for putting together a Music Themed Gift Basket

Have you ever tried to put together a gift basket with a theme?  It's a little harder than you'd think it would be.  Recently I was given the theme of Music to do a gift basket for a silent auction.  It went together very well.  Here are 5 Tips for Assembling a Music Theme Gift Basket

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Music Theme Gift Basket - music art, music candle, music paper, blue tooth speaker

When I signed up to make a Music Themed Gift Basket, I was excited to stretch myself.  Since I live in Nashville, which is Music City, I definitely wanted to give a nod to that.  I brain stormed music ideas and came up with the following:

Items contained in Music Themed Gift Basket

5 Tips for Assembling a Gift Basket

1.  Cover the bottom of the basket or tray

I used 1/4 yard fabric that I draped across the bottom of the tray.   You could also use tissue paper or shred.

2.  Add height

I covered a scrap piece of wood with white tissue paper. Then tucked it underneath the music fabric on the tray.  The wood gives a sturdy (and hidden) place to stack the items that will be displayed.

3.  Put a focal point item in first

I placed the large State Sign in the back of the tray.  Then I placed the book stack on top of the hidden piece of wood.  It all fit together very snug so it would stay in place.

4.  Arrange items around focal point in a pleasing fashion

Try to arrange things so that each side of the tray is balanced.  The Amazing Grace art and the Bluetooth speaker are similar in size so they look great placed on either end of the tray.  I also placed Symphony bars (get theme) around the basket too.  I mean, who doesn't like chocolate!  

5.  Wrap entire basket with cellophane and tie with pretty ribbon

Clear cellophane allows all of the items in the basket to be seen.  But also protects the items. I used invisible tape to hold the cellophane closed in strategic places.  I tied the cellophane closed with black and music themed ribbon.  

Extra tip

Before wrapping with cellophane, gently move the tray to see if anything is shifting around.  Then place white tissue paper around the items to hold them in place.

This Music Themed Gift Basket is for a Silent Auction Fundraiser for my daughter's student exchange with Japan.  If you are local and would like to see this basket and many many others that are available, we are hosting a chili dinner/silent auction on Saturday.  Contact me for more details.  

Putting together a gift basket, like a Music Themed Gift Basket, takes a little bit of time and a lot of creativity.  But it is super fun!