10 productive things to do when you're angry/frustrated

At this time, with so much unknown, I seem to spend a lot of time angry or frustrated. I'm sure you have been feeling those things too.  Since we cannot control illness, job loss or a depressing economy, it can lead to feelings of hopelessness.  Last week, after my daily pity party from being stuck in my house for the 87000th day in a row, I decided to do something productive and make a list of 10 helpful things to do when angry or frustrated.

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The last 7 weeks, I have spent a ton of time angry and frustrated.  It's hard having kids out of school, routines thrown off and our lives completely changed.   I'm sure you are in the exact same boat.  All of our normal coping mechanisms aren't available.  In order to get through this in a (somewhat) healthy manner, we need a list of helpful things to do that will help us during times of frustration.

10 Helpful Things to do When You're Angry or Frustrated

What should I do when I'm frustrated?  vacuum, scrub shower, clean house

Clean  or rage clean as I call it.  Cleaning my house is my number 1 go-to when I'm angry or frustrated.  I channel all of those negative feelings into scrubbing and my shower gets so clean.  Or I attack the floors and baseboards with a vengeance.  (BTW this vacuum has been amazing for the daily vacuuming I have to do now that we have a puppy.)  Usually I tire myself out and get a clean house in return.  Some of my best cleaning happens when I am experiencing those feelings. 

How can I stop being angry or frustrated - clean out pantry, organize cupboard

Organize a closet or cupboard.  Nothing restores order to my mind like bringing some order to a messy place.  It doesn't have to be a big or major organization project.  In fact, the simple ones work the best.  Yesterday my pantry (original redo here) was a mess - hello we're all home ALL DAY LONG and eating all day long, so of course it was.  It only took about 10 minutes to straighten it, but it made me feel a ton better!  Having matching containers  and wire baskets helps too.

Go outside when you're angry or frustrated - weed garden, go to the park, put feet in grass

Go outside  We are so lucky in Tennessee to have been blessed with a beautifully mild spring. Normally by this time of year, it's super hot, but this year the weather is amazing!  It has made spending time outside so enjoyable.  When I get frustrated, I have been able to weed the garden, trim bushes, go to the park (that just reopened) and simply put my feet in the grass.  I also like to take a big glass of water and sit outside to read.  Something about being outside with fresh air improves my mood!

What should I do when I'm angry or frustrated?  go for a walk

Go for a Walk  My family and I have been going for tons of walks!  We are motivated by our crazy puppy, who has tons of energy and needs to burn it off.  She requires at least 2 walks a day which totally helps me and my kids to get out of the house.  I always feel better when I get home. For our Lizzie girl, we use a harness like this and waste bags

What should I do when I'm angry or frustrated?  Diffuse essential oils

Nice Smelling room When I walk into a good smelling room, it calms me.  Even if everything is falling apart, if my house smells good, I can deal.  I'm not totally into essential oils, but I lately I have been filling my difusser with volcano diffuser oil.  That scent smells just like Anthropologie, and the bottles last forever as well.  I also like these candles.  I'm sure there are plenty of mood enhancing EO's out there that will help too.  

what to do when you're angry or frustrated?  write in your journal

Journal Writing  Sometimes getting your feelings out on paper makes them more manageable.  When I write in my journal, I can examine my feelings and put them in a better place.  Check here if you need journaling prompts and ideas.  

Pause  Stop what you're doing and take several deep breaths.  It's even better to sit down.  Close your eyes, put your hand on your chest or stomach and just breathe.  Roll your neck and breathe.  Remind yourself that this situation (because all situations are) temporary and that you have the tools to get through it (because you do).  I like to pause and breathe while I'm writing in my journal and write whatever I am prompted to.  Using those 2 tools together works really well.

Have a dance party Crank up your favorite music and dance it out.  You probably won't feel like it.  I mean who wants to be happy when you feel like being grumpy.  But listening to music you like and moving your body changes how you feel.  And loud music is just fun...amIright?

Take a Shower  Get in the shower and let it all out!  Have a conversation with yourself.  Give yourself permission to be sad or mad or whatever emotion your feeling.  Cry if you want.  But let the water wash away your frustration and be done with it when you get out of the shower.  It's hard, but it does work.  

Take a Nap  Like we do with electronics, when all else fails turn off the power and let yourself rest.  Set an alarm on your phone for 10-20 mins, during your kids' nap time if necessary and turn off your brain.  You will feel so much better.  If I've done all of the above, or even 1-2 things and I'm still feeling crummy, that's when I know it's time to take a rest.  I always feel better when I do.    

10 great things to do when you're angry or frustrated

We all have bad days.  I know I have had my fair share.  But I also know that it doesn't do anyone in my family any good for me to stay angry.  Some days I do all 10 of the items listed above and some days it's just 1-2.  But having a list of 10 helpful things to do when angry or frustrated has been really good for me and hopefully it will help you too!