Come Follow Me Free printable - July 6-12

I know I often say this, but HOW in the WORLD is it JULY??  The days are  l  o  n  g  but the weeks are short, which makes time fly by!   I'm always surprised when Monday comes back around and it's time to make a new printable.  I really love making these Come Follow Me Free Printables and offering them each week on my blog.

Come Follow Me Home Study printables - easy printable to help your family study Come Follow Me

When I was making last weeks printable, I was kind of frustrated because I was 2 days late in making it.  But then I found the talk  "The Lord Loves Effort", and it helped me to feel so much better that has continued to this week.  Our Heavenly Father doesn't want perfection from us.  He doesn't withhold his love until we do all the right things.  He just wants us to make an effort and our Savior makes up the difference.  Each week my testimony is renewed over again.  Because of the curriculum instituted by our church leadership, I am able to continue my Come Follow Me study and help my family study as well, even if it is imperfect, or late. I love making this printable to hang on our fridge for our family and offer to you.

Come Follow Me Home Study Printable for 2020

When our church implemented a more home centered, church supported curriculum, I was super excited.  I made a Come Follow Me magnet and printable to hang on our fridge every week to help us study our church's doctrine.  Some weeks we do really well and have amazing gospel instructions.  Other weeks, we struggle.  But that's just life right?

As I said above, I make the printable from information given in the provided weekly outline.  I have really enjoyed making a new printable each week and it helps me to study the lesson!

Come Follow Me Free Printable July 6-12

Come Follow Me July 6-12 |  Free printable   |   Alma 30-31

  • Right click on the image, save it to your computer, and print it out.  
  • Hang it somewhere in your house that your family can see often.  
  • Feel good that you've made an effort to do Come Follow Me for the week!  :)

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Come Follow Me July 6-12 |  Free printable   |   Alma 30-31

Even though life continues to be different than it was before all of the craziness started, I am comforted in knowing that the gospel has remained the same.  I love that our Come Follow Me lessons continue to go on and studying from these Come Follow Me Printables makes me filled with peace.  Have a great week friends!

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