How to create a vision board and why you should have one

Get inspired to create a Vision Board and learn why you need one!

How to Create a Vision Board and why you need one  |   She's Crafty

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.  So why is it that some people are achieving their dreams while others are on the couch scrolling through Instagram and binge watching Netflix?  Now I'm not dissing on down time, we all need it. I'm just pointing out that some have learned that the secret to success is in how they manage their time and manage their mind.

In an effort to better manage my time and my mind, I've been setting goals.  Now, I'm pretty good at goal setting, but once the initial push is done, I usually fall back into my old habits.  I need visual reminders!  And I need those reminders in more than one place.  I made a vision board online and one in person so I can be reminded of my goals as often as possible!

How to Create a Vision Board

Vision Board on Pinterest

  • Start by creating a board on Pinterest.  I titled mine Vision Board (supes original) but that's because my vision changes from time to time.  Right now my goal is to live each day in Peace, Love and Joy.  When I made that goal, I took the time to think about what those words mean and how I can achieve them in my life.  In order to be peaceful and feel love and joy, I have to have to take good care of myself (by resting, eating right and exercising), have a pretty space to live and work in that is fairly clean and organized, and have fun projects to work on and look forward to.  

How to Create a Vision Board - gather quotes that inspire you

  • Search for things that inspire you.  Once I narrowed down my goal, I searched for things on Pinterest that can help me achieve it like:  mindset, craft room, happiness, black accent wall, vintage vignettes.  Then I pinned home ideas, quotes, project ideas, craft rooms, and vintage stuff on my Pinterest board.

How to Create a Vision Board - gather quotes that inspire you

  • Gather things you like.  Since I want to live in Peace and with Love and Joy, I gathered quotes and pretty pictures that inspire me in those areas.  I printed photos of my family and my sweet puppy, wrote a few quotes by hand onto cardstock and printed some.  I also gathered a few crafty things such as a camera patch, a quote from my Harry Potter project, and a yarn rainbow I made.  I also used a vintage label maker to make an important motivational quote.

How to Create a Vision Board - gather reminders of your goals

  • Create a place in your home to place things that inspire you.  I have a message board above my desk that is the perfect place to put all of my reminders.  If you don't have a place to hang a cork board, you can tape reminders to your bathroom mirror or place quotes in your planner or journal.  

Vision Board - creative desk, goal setting, reminders, mindfulness

  • Work on your goals every day.  The key to setting and achieving goals successfully, is to have daily habits.  Every day when I get ready to sit at my desk, I take out my journal and write the following:  One thing I'm looking forward to, Five things I'm grateful for, One thing from yesterday I'm proud of, One thing I like about myself and my intention for the day.  

How to Create a Vision Board- reminders of daily practices

The main thing about having a vision board is to help make goals and to be reminded to keep going after them.  I know that when I am goal oriented, I am more centered and am operating in a place of mindfulness.  This is totally a process though.  I am learning what I need and what I need to do to get there.  

How to make a Vision Board and why you need one  -  buffalo check cork board

If you're looking for a way to to help you set and achieve goals, having a Vision Board will help you along the way.