Harry Potter Planter made from a Thrifted Wooden Bowl

This month is Harry Potter's birthday and you know I'm a big fan!  Beginning the very first time I read Sorcerers Stone, I've adored the magical world of Harry Potter.  So of course I had to do a project to celebrate!  I made a Harry Potter Planter from a thrifted wooden bowl.

Harry Potter Planter from Thrifted Wooden Bowl   |   She's Crafty

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Over the years, Harry Potter has been a big part of my life.  I've read the books several times,  watched the movies so often I've lost count, threw a Harry Potter birthday party for my daughter, visited Harry Potter world in Orlando, and made a several craft projects (see the bottom of the post)

Since this year is Harry Potter's 40th birthday, I am so excited to join a craft group celebrating all things Harry Potter!

Harry Potter Planter made from a Thrifted Wooden Bowl

When I was thinking about the projects I could do, I was reminded that I've really been into plants.  I keep finding house plants that need rescuing from the hardware store.  So I thought making a Harry Potter planter would be fun.  And of course a fun plant needs a fun planter!  When I looked through my plethora of supplies, I found a few things I could make into something new.

Supplies list for turning a thrifted wooden bowl into a planter

instructions for making a Harry Potter planter from a wooden bowl

I dug through my stash and found a wooden bowl that I had previously spray painted black for another project!  Ya gotta love a repurposed, thrifted bowl!  I also grabbed our family's much beloved copy of Chamber of Secrets and some wooden ball knobs.

Harry Potter Planter - color copied book pages

I considered using book pages from the actual book but didn't want to commit book o'cide.  Oh the shame!  So I took color copies of several pages.  I used Chamber of Secrets because that is when the Harry and friends are introduced to Herbology and replant the growing Mandrakes.

Harry Potter Planter - color copied book pages

Since this is a beloved copy of Harry Potter that has been read and loved for a long time, the edges of the pages have weathered (aka colored) a bit, which I LOVE!   I cut the book page copies into strips the same width of the bowl.  

Harry Potter Planter - mod podge color copied book pages onto wooden bowl

I brushed mod podge onto the bowl, then gently placed the paper strips onto the bowl.  I let the mod podge dry, then sanded the edges of the paper and the bowl with sandpaper, before finishing with a top coat of mod podge.  

Harry Potter Planter - spray paint wooden ball knobs for planter feet

Tip for spray painting round balls:  I hot glued the wood ball knobs onto some cardboard and then I spray painted them.  I was able to move the cardboard around to cover all of the knobs with spray paint.  And it kept them from rolling away.  After the knobs dried, they pulled right off the cardboard.

Harry Potter Planter - hot glue wooden ball knobs for planter feet

I hot glued the ball knobs unto the bottom of the bowl.

Harry Potter Planter

Then it was time for planting!  I gathered a plant that I recently rescued and some small plants from around my house that needed to be repotted.  At first, I was going to place the plants directly into the wooden bowl, but the wooden bowl is not water tight and I didn't have a plant saucer that would fit inside the bowl.

Harry Potter Planter - fern and succulents in planter

I lined the planter with plastic wrap.  I tucked a small fern into a mason jar, and placed small succulents in the potting soil.  Then I trimmed the plastic wrap around the soil.  If I were to keep the plants in this bowl permanently, I would either spray the bowl with a sealer to make it water tight, or place a plastic saucer inside.

Harry Potter Planter - dumbledore quote on plant pick

I had my daughter letter my favorite Dumbledore quote  - that is quite timely right now - on more of the book page paper.  I placed a clip (like the clips in this project) in the mason jar to hold the quote.  

Harry Potter Planter - dumbledore quote on plant pick

Harry Potter Planter

Harry Potter Planter - Happiness Dumbledore quote

Harry Potter Planter - Hand lettered Happiness Dumbledore quote

And that is how easy it is to turn a Thrifted Wooden Bowl into a Harry Potter Planter!  


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