Simple and Stylish Plant Shelves

 Looking for simple yet stylish way to display your plants?  Read on for a super simple tutorial for Plant Shelves!  

Simple Plant Shelves

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My daughter is totally into house plants!  She has been slowly building her collection.  The problem is that she didn't have any way to display them, near natural light.  So we took an odd little nook near the window in her room and made some plant shelves.  

How to make Simple and Stylish Plant Shelves

I had all of the supplies for these simple shelves on hand.  Even if you have to buy everything, they are still very inexpensive to make.

plant shelves

Supply List

Plant shelves

I grabbed some wood that was in my garage from another project.  I used 1 x 8 pieces that were already painted black.  Using my miter saw, I cut them into 1 6" piece and 1 8" piece for each shelf.

plant shelves

After cutting the pieces, I sanded them down.  Since this wood is repurposed from another project, there were nail holes and glue to sand as well.  

Plant Shelves DIY

I butted the ends up to each other at 90 degrees.  I ran a bead of wood glue where the pieces attach to one another.  Then I drilled pilot holes to keep the wood from splitting when they are screwed together.  

Simple Plant Shelf from wood

Then I sat each shelf on a paint bottle (to make it more level) and attached the wood pieces together with screws.

L wooden shelves for plants

There were a few places on the shelves that I touched up the black paint.  Once that was dry, I top coated each shelf with varnish.

Wall shelves for plants

I drilled pilot holes in each corner of the shelf and one in the middle.  I placed the shelves on the wall, made sure they were level and screwed them into the wall.

plant shelves hanging on wall

Then came the fun part - loading the shelves with plants!   My daughter has a Pothos, a succulent and something on the bottom shelf that I don't know what it even is!  :)  But I do know that it is in a cute Pioneer Woman bowl that she found at Goodwill.  I know the important details!  

Plant Shelves

My daughter loves these plant shelves tucked right along side her bedroom window.  It's the perfect place to have plants!

Plant Shelves

I too am so happy with how these shelves turned out!  They add a lot of personality to the wall in my daughters room!    If you have a place in your home that you're trying to fill, these Simple and Stylish Plant Shelves are the perfect project to make and hang!

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