Christmas Vignettes from inspiration photos

 How to use an Inspiration Photo to create Christmas Vignettes in your home.

How to create Christmas vignettes in your home from an inspiration photo

Serious question for you... are you

TEAM Decorate for Christmas ASAP or 

TEAM Wait to Decorate until after Thanksgiving?  

I used to be team 2, but this year I am team 1 and I am so happy about it!  After all that has been going on in our world, our country and our home this year, I needed the extra sparkle, glow and cheer!  I lugged down my Christmas totes from the attic the week after Halloween and started planning.

How to find Inspiration for Home Décor

As I was thinking of my Christmas décor, I looked through photos and photos of inspiration on Pinterest and IG.  I scrolled and saved for days, and then this photo stopped me in my tracks.  I love it so much that I posted it in my biweekly email several weeks ago.  (If you're not signed up for my emails, 3 Things Thursday, sign up on my home page.)

instagram inspiration photo of Christmas decor from @athomewithjessidee

Although I love everything in the photo, I didn't want to copy it exactly.  First of all, I don't have the same items that she does, and even if I did, it would be her style not mine.  I decided to use the photo for inspiration and put my own style and spin on it.

How to Use Inspiration Photos to Decorate your Home

1.  Identify what parts of the inspiration photo you like

The parts of the inspiration photo that I want to recreate are:  

  • retro/vintage items
  • the red frame
  • the bright colors- especially red
  • the lettered saying
  • the horizonal placement on the wall

2.  Look through your existing pieces to see what you can use in a new way

I knew I had tons of retro and vintage Christmas and non Christmas pieces.  I also have tons of letters from various sets.  I dug through my stash and came up with a few other things I thought would work in my vignette.

Use items from goodwill to recreate decor pieces from inspiration

3.  Figure out how you will create or acquire the items you like

While keeping my inspiration photo in mind, I found a long, thin art piece at Goodwill (along with a few other things).  I took it apart, spray painted the frame red, then hot glued the glass in it, similar to this, leaving the back of the frame off. 

Christmas Vignette inspired by Instagram photo

4.  Keep playing around with placement until you have the look you're going for

The best way to get the look you want is to just try.  Don't be afraid to hang things and move them around.  The worst that can happen is having to fill in an unused nail hole.  Don't forget to display pieces on different levels for interest.

Christmas Vignette inspired by Instagram photo

I knew I wanted to build my vignette around my beloved green hardware cabinet.  I hung a vintage white shutter horizontally, then screwed in some vintage hooks to it.   From one of the hooks, I hung a sign that I made.  (I will be posting similar signs for sale in my shop very soon.)

Vintage screw in hooks to hold sign in Christmas vignette

I hung my new (to me) red frame above the shutter.  I searched through my bags of light box, letter board and scrapbook letters until I found enough to add Merry Christmas 2 all to the frame. I stuck the letters on the edge of the frame and secured them with poster putty.

how to build a Christmas vignette from instagram photo inspiration

On top of my green cabinet, I used vintage tool boxes from my collection for height.  I placed a blow mold Santa on top.  Near the Santa is a mini tree (also coming to my shop) and a jar of Christmas light bulbs.  

how to build a Christmas vignette from instagram photo inspiration

On the other side is the North Pole sign along with a candle and candle holder.  To make the candle holder,  I glued a wooden candle holder (from my goodwill haul above) to a flat bottomed wooden bowl.  Then I painted, distressed it and added my favorite candle - Alpine Forest from Walmart. It's less than $4, has an amazing scent and despite it's size, lasts for a long time.

Christmas vignette with candle from walmart

In front of the green cabinet is a mini Christmas tree that I placed in a vintage Skotch Kooler.  

How to set up a Christmas vignette in your home inspired by an instagram photo

Also can you spot the dog toy?  My doggo Lizzie left it for me under the green cabinet.  That girl keeps me on my toes!  

I am so happy how this Christmas Vignette turned out.  It's the first area in my house to be finished.  I have lots more to do, but this is a good start!  It's super easy to use a photo from IG or Pinterest as Inspiration for Christmas Décor.

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