How to Make Stocking Name Tags

 Make easy Name Tags for your Stockings with these DIY instructions.

How to make Stocking Name Tags

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We have had name tags for our stockings for ages. But this year we added a new family member, Lizzie.  And of course she has her own stockings, so of course we needed new stocking tags.

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I used a bunch of supplies I had on hand in my craft room. 

supplies to make stocking tags

If you don't have a ridiculous amount of craft supplies in your craft room come on over and I can hook you up.  Or you can grab things at the craft store or amazon.

Supplies to make stocking tags

How to make name tags for stockings

How to Make Name Tags for Stockings   I had a piece of wooden trim in my stash so I cut it down to 4 inch pieces, which I then painted with red craft paint.  

Once the paint was dry, I wrote the names of my family members on the wood with a white paint pen.  Then I sprayed the wood with matte finish.  I drilled a hole in the end of the wood to be able to hang the tag.

How to Make stocking name tags and beads from oven bake clay

How to Make Beads from Oven Bake Clay   I pulled off a piece of clay and kneaded it to soften it.  Once it was a little easier to work with, I rolled it into a 3/4" ball.  Then I very gently stuck a skewer through the center of the clay ball to make a hole in the bead.  Using the skewer makes the clay ball have little flaws, so once I pulled the skewer out, I gently fixed the flaws.  

To harden the beads, I placed them on a parchment paper covered baking sheet and baked them in my oven, according to the package directions on the clay.  Then I let them set overnight to cool and finish hardening.

How to make stocking name tags

I placed bakers twine into the drilled hole of the stocking tag and tied a knot.  Then I strung the bead onto the bakers twine.  To secure it, I placed a dollop of hot glue on the knot and put the bead over the top of it.  

How to make a stocking name tag

I tied the end of the twine in a knot to hang it.  

How to make a Name Tag for Stockings

Then I hung the name tag around the hanger of each of my family members stockings.  I love how all of the stocking tags match, even though none of our stockings do.  

DIY stocking name tags with supplies you probably have on hand

These turned out so cute and were super easy to make. Making Name Tags for Stockings is a really easy afternoon project.