Last minute Photo Christmas Cards

 Easy Last Minute Christmas Cards.

Easy Last Minute Christmas Cards

If you're anything like me, you've been hustling and bustling all month and Christmas cards were the last thing on your mind.   It's now December 18 so that means it's too late to do them now, right?  WRONG!

I will show you how I whipped up some cute Christmas cards on my phone and got them in an hour.  

easy Christmas cards in under an hour

I think collectively, we've had quite the year.  It's been exciting for our family at some points (we did have a high school graduate after all) but it's been really hard and sad too.  I think that's why I was dragging my feet getting my Christmas cards done.  I almost just gave up.  But the thought of not doing cards made me really sad. And by golly, this year has been sad enough.

So I got to work making Christmas cards.  By the way, this is not a sponsored post in any way.  

christmas card templates in pic monkey

First of all, I went to Pic Monkey on my computer and looked at the templates they have.  There are some great ones that would make really cute Christmas cards to be printed.  But I decided I wanted something even easier, aka a template that was already designed and all I had to do was plug in photos on my phone.

photo cards from walgreens

Then I went to Walgreens.  I liked the options they offered and they even had a coupon code to bring the cost down a little bit.  

photo cards from walmart

Ultimately I decided to go with Walmart.  Their software made it super easy to make the cards right on my phone.  And they were the least expensive.

easy last minute Christmas Cards

I found a card that had the sentiments I liked - What a Year.  I especially liked that it has a template with multiple pictures because this year has had several memorable events for our family.

how to make christmas cards on your phone


I went through the photos on my phone and favorited the photos I thought would work in a card.  I made sure to use ones of each of my kids and our family photo shoot we did earlier this year.  

Side note- To have our family pictures taken, I used these tips to take our own photos with a tripod.  I used this adapter (affiliate link) to get the photos from my camera SD card to my iPhone.  It worked perfectly to have the photos on my phone.  

how to make Christmas cards on your phone

One night, I laid in bed on my phone and put these together.  I was able to crop and edit my photos slightly on the website and get them just the way I wanted.  

I finished the cards in less than an hour and sent them to my local Walmart.  By the time I got up the next day, they were ready.

easy last minute photo Christmas Cards

Now to get them sent out.  I think tonight I'll put my Santa pj's on, turn on a Hallmark movie and address them by hand.  

If you want to tackle Last Minute Photo Christmas Cards, now you know how easy it is to make them.