Vintage Fabric Christmas Trees

 Turn a Vintage Quilt into fabric Christmas Tree D├ęcor

Fabric Christmas Tree made from Vintage Quilt

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I have had a quilt on my bed for years and years that has held up to 3 babies.  Unfortunately it was not able to hold up to a high energy puppy that gets the zoomies.  The first few tears on the quilt I was able to repair, but when the tears were tearing and I had to retire my beloved quilt.  

what to do with a torn quilt - fabric Christmas Tree

As I stared longingly at my beloved TORN quilt sitting in my blanket basket, I decided to try to find a way to use it.  

How to Make a Christmas Tree from a Quilt

supplies to make a Christmas tree from a quilt

Supplies Needed

Christmas Tree from fabric quilt

Use a quilting ruler, draw a triangle (or tree shape) with erasable fabric ink, on a doubled up piece of the quilt.  Cut along the lines with sharp fabric scissors.

Sew edges of fabric tree with sewing machine

Sew along the edges with a sewing machine, or hand sew with a running stitch.  Make sure to leave the bottom of the tree open.

Fabric Christmas Trees - stuff sewn fabric tree with poly fil

Stuff the center of the tree with poly fil and place a dowel inside.  Hot glue the opening closed around the dowel.

Fabric Christmas Tree on a wooden dowel

Drill a hole in the block or circle that fits the size of the dowel.  Place the dowel inside the hole and hot glue it, to hold it.  

Fabric Christmas Tree on a wooden dowel

You can paint or decoupage paper onto the block or wooden circle.  

Fabric Christmas Tree on a wooden dowel

I had this piece of wood in my stash, so I drilled 3 holes to fit 3 dowels.  I love this cute little tree stand!  And I love that it reminds me of the quilt that sat on my bed for years!  

DIY fabric Christmas Trees

Turn a Vintage Quilt into Fabric Christmas Tree Decor

Fabric Christmas Trees are the perfect thing to make with a quilt that is no longer usable.  If you have any old quilts, blankets ore even vintage linens, this is the perfect project for you!