2021 Photo Calendar with wooden base and downloadable calendar

Do you need a 2021 calendar?  What about making a personalized one?  I have a 2021 Photo Calendar idea with a wooden base holder.   

2021 calendar with wooden base and downloadable calendar

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For 2021, I made a photo calendar that can sit in a base on my desk.  This is a really inexpensive project that would make a great gift!  In fact I made and gave several as Christmas gifts this year.

2021 Calendar with wooden base and editable calendar

How to make a photo calendar

Once you download the png monthly calendars from the link in the supply list below, you can use the calendar in any photo or document you'd like.  I made the months as png's (which makes them like a sticker) so the background would be transparent.  

To make each month, I started with a blank 5x7 photo in PicMonkey.  I added in photos of my family and the monthly png and then saved it as a new jpeg.  Then I printed the calendar pages in 3x5 on cardstock, 4 to a page.  

How to make a photo calendar

Supply List for Photo Calendar

2021 photo calendar with free month png

How to make Wooden Base to hold a Calendar

To display the monthly calendar pages, I made a simple wooden base holder.  

wooden base holder for calendar

I cut a 1"x3" into a 4 inch piece with my miter saw.  Afterwards, I clamped the piece of wood to my work bench with a trigger clamp.  Then I cut a slot into the top of it with a hand saw.  

wooden base to hold calendar

I sanded the wood base with the mouse sander and then used a piece of sand paper in the slot to sand it smooth.  

wooden base to hold printable 2021 calendar

The wooden base works perfectly to hold the calendar page upright.  The wooden base can be stained or painted as well.  

Supply List for Wooden Base

2021 calendar with wooden base and editable calendar

This is such a fun and simple project!  It's perfect to sit on your desk and see photos of your loved ones.

2021 Desk Calendar with free monthly calendar

Use this tutorial to make a 2021 Calendar with a Wooden Base and downloadable calendar.