Wooden Houses - easy home décor made from scrap wood

If you're looking for a project to use leftover wood, I have 3 different ideas for Wooden Housed that are made from Scrap Wood.  


Scrap Wood Houses - home décor made from scrap wood

After taking down our Christmas decorations, my shelves were looking quite bare.  I wasn't quite ready to do Valentine's yet, so I needed some in-between décor.  

Enter the scrap wood pile.  My scrap wood pile is outrageous.  I have done a few projects with repurposed wood, like these houseswood shelves, and Tennessee wood sign. But I still have so much!  I dug around, played with some of my scraps, and came up with ideas to make 3 different wooden houses.  

How to Make Wooden Houses from Scrap Wood

what to do with scrap wood - wooden houses

All of the houses started when I pulled a 1" x 6" from my wood pile.  It had previously been used in another project, so it was already painted black.  

what to do with scrap wood - wooden houses

I drew a point on the top of the wood and cut the corners off with my miter saw.   I cut it into around 5-6 inches long.  

Wooden House with Vintage Ruler Roof

wooden house with ruler roof made from scrap wood

Once I had the house shape cut from the 1 x 6, I sanded it down really well.  After looking at it for a bit, I decided to add a roof with vintage ruler pieces.

1 x 6 scrap wood house with ruler roof

I glued the ruler pieces to the top of the house with wood glue.  Once the glue was dry, I gave the entire house a coat of satin top coat.

scrap wood house made from 1 x 6 and vintage ruler

The house I made sits up by itself.  But if yours falls, you can reinforce it with a small piece of 1 x 6 on the back of the house.

Wooden House Plant Holder 

scrap wood house - plant holder

I did not add a ruler roof to some of the houses I cut from the 1x6, instead I added a tray to hold a plant.

Wooden House Plant Holder

I used wood glue to hold the 2 pieces together and then I attached them with screws.  I then painted the houses (one is gray, one is black) and distressed them by sanding.  

scrap wood plant holder

I placed small plants on the tray.  These look really good sitting on a shelf, but they would also look good hanging on the wall.  I can picture several of these in a group on the wall.  So cute!

Small Scrap Wood Houses

Scrap wood house group

After making the Vintage Ruler Houses and the Plant Holder Houses, there were leftover rectangles and triangles.  I glued the pieces together with wood glue to make smaller houses.  I painted and distressed them and then sealed with varnish.  

Scrap wood house group

An entire village of these houses would look so cute!  You could paint some red and pink for Valentine's Day, green for St Patrick's day and on and on for all of the holidays,  Hmmm... that gives  me some ideas.  

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There are a lot of things you can do with scrap wood.  Wooden Houses are super easy to make and can help put some of the scrap wood pile to good use!

Wood Houses made from Scrap Wood