Easy Home Organizing Ideas you can do Today

Do you need to get organized in 2021?  I have a few simple organizing ideas you can do in your home today!  

easy organizing ideas for your home


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It's the start of the new year so that is the time we all think about organizing our homes to get them flowing and functioning well.  I have definitely been all about organizing everything I can get my hands on.  I'm sure I'm not alone in that.  

So if you'd like some quick and easy organizing ideas, I've got you.  The ideas in this post are so simple that you can get them done TODAY!  There are 3 sections Hang It, Contain It and Use it.

Organize by Hanging It

First of all, my number one organizing tool is command hooks!  I cannot say enough about command hooks.  I keep a supply of hooks in a variety of sizes in my drawer at all times.

Organizing at home by using command hooks for scrub brush under the sink

One of the places I used command hooks is under my kitchen sink.  I keep scrub brushes hanging on the door.  It keeps them handy because it seems like I'm always cleaning water bottles and a variety of other things.  BTW - I love those water bottle brushes for cleaning out water bottles too.

organizing ideas in your home - command hooks to hang kitchen aid hooks

Another place that I use command hooks is in my baking cupboard.  The attachments for my Kitchen-Aid used to be constantly in the way.  That is until I stuck some command hooks on the back wall of the cupboard and hung them up.  (I'll discuss the mixer container in the Contain It section below.)

organizing ideas - hang collapsible laundry basket on command hook

Our laundry area is actually a little closet right off our garage.  I redid it a few years ago to make the tiny space function to it's full potential.  One thing that I added recently was a command hook to the side of my washer.  

organizing ideas - hang collapsible laundry basket on command hook

I use the hook to hold mesh, foldable laundry baskets.  It's so handy to hang them on the side of my washer and free up the space on top for folding clothes.

Organize by Containing It

organize by containing it - counter top clutter

Counter tops can easily get out of control, especially if you have a small kitchen like I do.  I'd like to not put anything on my counters, but there's just stuff that has to be on there.  

Right now, we need our electric tea kettle handy since we are drinking hot cocoa and apple cider like crazy.  Another thing that is always on our counter are bananas.  I used to store them in my hanging product basket but now I store them on a cake plate.  I contained our tea kettle and cake stand by placing them into a vintage cake pan with ball knobs hot glued to the bottom. 

organize counter top clutter with a tray

I also needed to contain our cooking utensils.  To do this- I placed the containers of utensils into a tray (along with our kitchen alexa).  The tray takes up just a tiny bit more space, but feels like such a saving to have the stuff contained.  

Organize kitchen mixer by containing in a basket

In addition to using command hooks to hang my kitchen aid hooks (like I talked about above), I used a wire basket in my baking cabinet to contain my hand mixer, beaters and whisk.  When I need to mix something, I pull the entire basket out and everything is there and ready. 

organize dog supplies by containing them in a basket

Our dog has pretty much taken over our lives and she has lots of stuff.  I contained her leash and harness, along with a lint roller, by placing it near our front door in a basket.  Right now I am using our previous produce basket, but I have plans to replace this with a different basket.

Organize by Using It

There are tons of organizing products on the market, which are seriously some of my favorite things to buy. But you can easily spend a ton and not make much organizing progress.  The trick to keeping things organized, is to do it in a way that can be maintained.  

Organize kitchen drawers with adjustable drawer organizers

One of the simplest and best things I've done to keep our kitchen drawers organized is to use adjustable drawer organizers.  The brand I used is no longer available, but these look pretty good too. The thing that worked best for me is being able to customize the organizers to specifically fit my space and my utensils.  

Use a lazy susan to organize a fridge

To keep condiments and other items in our fridge organized, I used a Lazy Susan.  I can just spin the items around to see in the back, instead of things getting lost and gross.  I also use a Lazy Susan in my spice cupboard, for sauces and cooking oils and in the bathroom for products under the sink.

Another tip for staying organized in the fridge (not pictured) is to use refrigerator organizing bins.  Have you ever gone to make dinner and one of your ingredients is missing because someone ate it?  Been there, done that.  Now I place all of the items I'll need for meals into a bin and everyone leaves them alone.  Problem solved.  

use a command center and key hook to stay organized

One of the most important spots in our home is our Command Center.  I use clipboards to contain our kids' paper clutter, which as you know can easily get out of control.  Also, the key hanger (and mask holder) is essential to keeping track of my keys and mask.

easy home organizing you can do today

Goodness I love a good organizing project!  These Easy Home Organizing Projects are so super simple and easy that you can do them today!

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