St Patrick's Day Table Setting and Family Traditions

If you're looking for ideas to help you celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your family, I have ideas for a table setting, centerpiece and meal ideas.

St. Patrick's Day Table Setting and Fun Family Traditions, pinnable image

St. Patrick's Day isn't a holiday that has a lot of fan fare.  But it has been a fun holiday that our family has celebrated for years.  

St. Patrick's Day family traditions - table decor, gifts

If you think your kids don't care about fun holiday decorations, you may be right- they might not.  But they also might really enjoy it.  My college girl kinda got weepy today telling me how much she missed my "cute table decorations," her words.  

St. Patrick's Day Table Decorations

For our St. Patrick's table, I decided to be a little more subtle this year.  The theme I went with is green, black and white.  

St Patrick's Day Table Decorations

I started with a roll of kraft wrapping paper.  I was going to write messages - like Lucky and draw shamrock images on the paper, but then I liked the way it looked without it.  But it would also be super cute personalized like that.  Maybe the next time I do a table setting, I'll write messages on the paper roll.

Anyway - on top of the paper, I placed my Farmhouse Table Centerpiece wooden riser.  I dry brushed some green paint on the riser to give it some color.  

St Patrick's Day Table Centerpiece - wooden riser with glass bottles.

On top of the riser, I placed a variety of bottles from my stash.  I loved what Jennifer Rizzo did by stamping numbers onto bottles, so I did the same.  I brushed black paint onto rubber stamps and then stamped the numbers.  I think the numbers add a little something, something to the bottle collection.

St Patrick's Day Table Centerpiece - bottles stamped with numbers, greenery and st patricks flags

Inside the bottles, I placed greenery clippings from the bushes in my yard.  I also whipped up a few St.Patrick's Day flags from supplies I had on hand.  

St Patrick's Day Table Centerpiece - bottles stamped with numbers, greenery and st patricks flags

The flags turned out so fun and added some holiday flair to the table!  You know I'm all about the flair!  I'll do a tutorial for holiday flags soon.  

St Patrick's Day Table Decoration - table setting

The place settings started with black and white striped placemats that I got from IKEA, several years ago.  

St Patrick's Day Table setting

On top of the placemat, I used our every day white dishes.  White dishes make the perfect base for every place setting.  So if you find a good set at the thrift store, be sure to pick them up.  

I layered green paper plates on top of the white plate.  I fancied up the silverware by placing green cutlery inside of a white beverage napkin, tied with a piece of black and white ribbon and clover ribbon.  

St Patrick's Day Table Setting - cauldron treat containers.

Beside each place setting, I placed leprechaun cauldrons filled with the best jelly beans ever!

St Patrick's Day Table Setting and holiday decor.

I also added a bunch of St. Patrick's Day decor to the shelves in our dining room.  

St Patrick's Day Table Setting and holiday decor.

I used a bunch of vintage items like dishes, a cake pan, a wooden cutting board, a wooden rolling pin, a jar of glittery clovers and Lucky heart art.  

St. Patrick's Day Breakfast Ideas

St Patrick's Day family traditions - breakfast ideas

  • green milk - dye milk green with food coloring
  • green pancakes
  • rainbow colored fruit:  raspberries and strawberries, oranges, banans, kiwi, blueberries, grapes
  • Lucky Charms

St. Patrick's Day Lunch Ideas

St Patrick's Day Lunch Ideas - shamrock sandwich, juice, green grapes

  • green punch or sprite in small cans
  • sandwich cut with shamrock cookie cutter
  • sour cream and onion chips
  • green grapes

St Patrick's Day Dinner Ideas

St Patrick's Day Dinner Ideas

St Patrick's Day Dinner Ideas - rainbow jello

St Patrick's Day Table Setting in farmhouse dining room.

St Patrick's Day is a fun holiday for a family celebration.  Try one or a few of these St Patrick's Day traditions today.

Supply List for St Patrick's Table Decoration

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