Unique House Plant Containers from the Thrift Store

Find unique container ideas for House Plants, from the Thrift Store. 

Houseplant Container Ideas from the Thrift Store - Pinterest Pin.

Anything houseplant has my attention lately!  I guess after a long winter I want all the spring vibes!  Well with those houseplants, one needs a way to display them.  After my exhaustive thrift store excursions, I have come up with several unique house plant containers.

House Plant Container Ideas from the Thrift Store

Unique containers to hold house plants.

Painted Baskets

Baskets from the thrift store painted for house plant containers.

Baskets are a pretty easy find at the thrift store.  And one of my favorite things to do with them is to paint them.  I did a blog post about painted planters here.  Black and white paint is a timeless touch to add to baskets.

Painted basket to hold pothos potted house plants.

This basket sits on the shelf in my kitchen, holding a Pothos plant.  It's right by the window, so my Pothos is thriving!  I feel like the basket, painted black and white, adds a graphic touch to the plant.


Galvanized bucket and chalkboard to hold small house plants.

Buckets are a pretty easy thing to find at the thrift store.  I especially like to find ones that are aged and rusty.  Sometimes the buckets come in bold colors but it's easy enough to give them a coat of paint.  Chalkboard paint is a fun way to give them a fresh look too.  

Buffalo Check bucket to hold houseplants.

Buckets are such a fun way to display plants.  I found this bucket at Hobby Lobby during Christmas time. I know it's not the thrift store, but it was super inexpensive (less than $5, so almost a thrift store price)  I use it all year long to display my ZZ plant.  

Brass Containers

Brass basket from the thrift store holding houseplants.

Brass is making a major comeback.  I remember my mom having lots of brass in our home in the 1980's and I swore I wouldn't like it.  But here we are and now I love finding an awesome brass pieces.  I think most people feel the same way I used to feel . . . "1980 called and wants their brass back!"  So items are readily available at the thrift store.

Brass bucket holding a houseplant in a home.

This brass bucket looks so classy holding another Pothos plant in my home.  I like it elevated on a stand so the plant can trail down.

Ceramic Dishes

Ceramic dish holding a houseplant.

Ceramic dishes are super readily available at thrift stores.  I always look for ironstone, pretty china, and solid colored dishes in attractive colors.  When planting in a vessel that doesn't have drainage holes, I always add pebbles to the bottom to allow drainage.  

Ceramic crock holding house plants.

Ceramic crocks are pretty popular, but they can be found at the thrift store - because I have found one.  Once again, pebbles need to be placed on the bottom to make sure the roots of the plant do not sit in water and rot.  

Decoupaged Tins

House plants displayed in a mod podged tin.

Another fun idea is to use a tin or a bucket that can be customized.  I found this metal planter at the thrift store.  It was originally bright green.  I spray painted the bucket, inside and out.  Then I mod podged tissue paper to the outside.  

Miscellaneous Buckets

Wooden bucket from the thrift store holding a house plant.

Metal bucket from the thrift store holding a house plant.

Both of these buckets/baskets, the wooden bucket and the metal basket were, once again, thrift store finds.  I kept the wooden bucket exactly the way I found it.  I did pop the bottom of it out so The metal basket was originally green, I spray painted it white and distressed it a bit with some sandpaper.  I placed my houseplant inside the basket then filled in the empty area with some moss.  

Ceramic Dish Saucers

Ceramic dishes used as saucers for plants.

Ceramic dish saucers are my most favorite drainage saucers to use underneath plants.  They look so great and simple to leave the beauty up to the plant!

Pinterest Pin - Unique Plant Containers Purchased from Thrift Store.

You know I love the thrift store.  And the thrift store the is perfect place to find Unique Containers to hold Houseplants.  Hopefully this has inspired you to search the thrift store and find fun things to hold your plants!