17 Ideas to bring Happiness to your Day

You have come to the right place if you're looking for ideas to bring some cheer into your life.  Here are 17 Things You Can Do to Cheer Yourself Up.

17 things you can do today to cheer yourself up - Pinterest Pin.

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After a year like 2020 (and frankly the beginning of 2021 hasn't been a ton better ) I have been on the hunt for things to make me happy.  If you've felt the same - I'm sure you've looked for something          . . . A N Y T H I N G  . . .  to bring some cheer into your life, I totally understand and I've got you.  I've been collecting happiness ideas for several months and am ready to share my list.  

17 Ideas to Help You Be Happy

Happy List- printable list of activities to make you happy today.

Play Entire Music List

I'm sure you have playlists on your music player, aka phone.  I know I do.  I have really originally named playlists entitled Sad Songs, Best Songs, Jams, and Country Faves (because country music is the best in all the land)

Happiness Ideas - Play entire music list on music player instead of just a play list.

But sometimes I want to listen to all of the music on my phone.  So I shuffle my entire song list.  It never fails to cheer me up.  I mean who doesn't want to hear AC/DC, Beastie Boys and Charles Kelly one right after the other.  

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Sometimes what I need to get out of my grumpiness is a challenge.  What about doing a photo scavenger hunt?  I decided to creatively spell my name with photos I could take.  I did it around my house, but it would be fun to do it in your town too.  

I spelled my name, CANDICE.

Photo Scavenger Hunt.  C is for Craft Room.

C is for Craft Room. 

Photo Scavenger Hunt.  A is for Apples.

A is for Apple Dishes, which I've been collecting for a few years.

Photo Scavenger Hunt-  N is for Necklace.

N is for Necklace.  
My daughter and I got matching charms for our necklaces 
when she left to go to college.  

Photo Scavenger Hunt-  D is for Dog- dog looking out the window.

D is for Dog.

Photo Scavenger Hunt-  I is for Ice Cream - rainbow sherbet.

I is for Ice Cream floats.
Rainbow sherbet and Sprit is the best combination!

Photo Scavenger Hunt- C is for Candy a handful of Hi chew candy.

C is for Candy.
Hi Chews are the BEST candy!

Photo Scavenger Hunt-E is for Eggs - decorative easter eggs

E is for Eggs.
These little eggs sitting in a repurposed bowl totally have my heart! 

New Hair Style or Makeup

Nothing perks me up like a new look, especially without spending a lot of money.  I like to search Pinterest for new hair and make up ideas to try.  I type in long hair styles and tons come up with ideas I've never thought of.  With my makeup, I've been doing it the same way for years and years.  When I want a new look, I search Naked Pallet, and tons of new ideas pop up with the make up I already have to give me new looks!

Polish Finger and/or Toe Nails

Nail Polish is pretty inexpensive way to add a little pizzazz to your fingers and toes.  This is my favorite budget brand, but you can even buy nail polish at the dollar store.  Sure it isn't super hi quality, but so what?  It will give you a new look for a dollar and that new look is sure to bring some cheer to your toes and to your life!

Happiness ideas - polish toe nails.


I especially like to sit on the floor in my bedroom and polish my toe nails while watching a show on my iPad.  It's very relaxing and makes me happy!

Listen to Podcast or Audio Book

I'm all about the multi tasking.  And before you tell me how bad that is, I already know.  But I love doing something with my mind, while doing something mindless with my body.  For example, listening to a podcast while driving or doing laundry.    I haven't really gotten into audio books yet since I love to hold a book to read.  But I LOVE podcasts!  Some of my favorites are Jody Moore, The Alison Show, Come Follow Me by Meridian Magazine, 

Watch Favorite Movie

I have a select list of favorite movies that I could and do watch over and over again.  We have all of the streaming services, but I like to keep DVD's on hand as well.  Those DVD's came in very handy when we lost all internet for several days at Christmas time, when the AT&T hub was bombed in Nashville.  

17 Happiness Ideas - watch Harry Potter movies on DVD.

Harry Potter is forever my favorite series of movies (and books).  Some of my other favorites are Fantastic Beasts, Little Mermaid, Brave, Mulan, Emperor's New Groove.

Organize a Cupboard or Drawer

Do you have a drawer in your kitchen that you shove utensils in?  Or how is your junk drawer looking?  You know you have at least one or two drawers that are a mess.  In just a few minutes, you can organize that drawer or any cupboard that is bugging you and it will help you to feel better.  Ok I can't really guarantee that, but it always makes ME feel better to have a freshly organized drawer!

Do a Craft Project just for fun

Crafting is my job.  So I am constantly doing projects for one deadline or another.  But sometimes it is fun and cheers me up to do a craft project that is just for fun!  If you need some ideas, there are tons of projects on this pinterest board for Crafts to do at YW camp.  There are tons of fun craft projects that you can do yourself or with your family.   

Clean a Room in your house

This one goes along with cleaning/organizing a drawer or cupboard because cleaning just makes me happy.  I especially like to vacuum.  It's so satisfying seeing the dirt cup fill up!

17 ideas to bring happiness - deep clean your house

Go Thrifting or Shopping

You had to know that thrifting was going to make this list.  Thrifting is one of my favorite past times!  I put this idea to use just last week.  I was very grumpy- so tired and running low on happiness.  And then I went thrifting and was happy.  

17 ideas to bring happiness - go shopping at the thrift store

If thrifting isn't your thing hit up TJ Maxx or Target.  Some retail therapy, even if you're just window shopping, can really cheer you up!

Take a Bubble Bath

After a long day, a soak in the tub can be just what the Dr ordered.  While I don't often actually take bubble baths, it's very therapeutic to soak sometimes.  I especially like to use these bath salts.  I grab a book, a big glass of water and can soak in the tub for hours.  That really makes me happy!

Print Photos 

Do you have a bunch of photos on your phone of your kids, your dog (me), and your family?  Of course you do.  That is the whole point of having a phone is to have a camera handy to take photos.  Well, when is that last time you printed some?  Walgreens prices are so good and they even have photo printing specials all of the time, so there is a way to get those happy photos out of your phone and into your hands or onto your walls!  

Play with your Doggo

My dog's favorite thing is to be outside.  And if I'm outside playing with her... she's in heaven.  

Ideas to bring happiness - sit outside with your dog.

Sometimes it's enough just to be outside with her.  She is happy sitting in the sunshine (you can see her behind the tree) and so am I.  It's the perfect time to take a few minutes to catch up on email, scroll through Instagram or just sit in the peace and quiet.

Change the Lock Screen on Your Phone

What is something that you look at all day, every day?  It's the lock screen on your phone.  I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I hadn't changed the lock screen on my phone, since I got my phone over 1.5 years ago.  

Happiness Hacks - change the lock screen on your phone to photo of daffodil.

That is until I was looking for something to cheer me up and remembered a photo I'd taken of a daffodil.  I edited it a little bit and then made it my lock screen.  I love the beautiful color of the flower and the water droplets on it.  Every time I look at this photo, it makes me happy. 

Blow Bubbles

There is something about blowing bubbles, even as an adult that makes me so happy!  Chasing the bubbles makes my Lizzie so happy too.  

Bubbles blowing from a machine with dog chasing them.

I especially like to use a bubble machine to get a bunch of bubbles all at once for way less work!

Fly a Kite

Another fun activity that brings joy is flying a kite.  Every year when my kids were small I used to always include a kite in their Easter baskets.  Now that they're older, they aren't really interested in flying kites like they used to be.  But that doesn't mean I can't.  I am eyeing this gorgeous kite or this one for the next time I need a happiness boost.  

pinterest pin - 17 Ideas to bring Happiness to Your Day.

When you're looking for a little boost of happiness, try one of these 17 Ideas to Bring Happiness to your Day.