How to Make a Wreath from Boxwood clippings

If you're looking for a way add some greenery to your home, I'm going to show you How to Make a Wreath from Boxwood Bush Clippings.

How to Make a Wreath from Boxwood Bush Clippings.

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I am totally into plants this season.  I can't get enough of all of the green things in my home.  But just potted plants aren't enough, I want a greenery wreath too.  

I have been eyeing boxwood wreaths in the store for a few years and have been very tempted to buy one a few times.  But then I figured what kind of DIY'er am I if I don't try to make one myself.   

DIY Instructions for Making a Wreath from Boxwood Bush Clippings

First things first, gather supplies.

Supplies needed to make a boxwood bush clipping wreath.

Supplies Needed for Boxwood Wreath

Boxwood Bush

Clip a bunch of branches off of a boxwood bush.  I have a bunch in my yard and they all need to be trimmed.  Which works in my favor to make a wreath.

Bush clipping bunches to make a boxwood wreath

Gather Clippings into Small Bunches.   Bunch several pieces of boxwood clippings together and wrap the ends with wire to hold them together.  You'll need 12-14 bunches of clippings to fit around the wreath form.

Gather bush clippings into bunches and wire together

Attach the Bunches to the Wreath Form.  Once you have all of your bunches, start attaching them to the form.   You attach them by laying them on top of the wreath form.  Then take the wire spool and wrap it around the bunch and the wreath form about 4-5 times to secure it.  

Attach boxwood bunches to wreath form with wire.

Repeat with Another Bunch.  Once you have wrapped the wire around the bunch around 5 times, lay the wire spool aside without cutting the wire.  Grab another bunch and lay it so the top of the bunch covers where you attached the previous bunch.  Then wrap the wire around the bottom of the bunch.  Repeat until the entire wreath from is covered.

Cover entire wreath for with bunches of Boxwood.

Finish Wreath.  Finish wreath by lifting first bunch up and tucking the last bunch underneath.  Wrap it with wire.  If there are any holes, tuck some extra pieces of boxwood clippings into the wreath.  Make sure to secure the piece by wrapping it around wire.

Hanging boxwood wreath in antique cabinet doors.

Hang Wreath.  Once you have all of the bunches attached to the wreath form, the wreath is ready to hang.  It especially looks good hanging from some chippy doors or in a vignette with vintage architecture.  

Hanging boxwood wreath in antique cabinet doors.

Once hanging, the Boxwood Wreath will dry super pretty so you can keep it up for a long time.  

Boxwood Wreath dried hanging on a shutter.

A Boxwood Wreath is a really fun way to add some greenery to your home for Spring.