Drop Cloth Decorative Flag

Make your own Decorative Flag from a Drop Cloth.  This flag makes a super cute way to display a saying in your home, announce an event or to give as a gift. 

Drop cloth Decorative Flag Pinterest Pin.

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If you follow me on social media, then you know that I have been branching out into markets and selling my crafts as a vendor.  I have done 4 markets this year and it's been a blast and a huge learning curve.  

One thing that I knew I needed from the start was a sign announcing my booth and business name.  I tested out a framed sign, but I kept bonking my head on it = no bueno.  For my last market, I made a hanging flag with left over drop cloth and it was a winner!  

DIY decorative flag with booth name at vendor fair.

Now I will show you how easy it is to make one.

How to Make a Decorative Flag from Drop Cloth

DIY decorative flag made from drop cloth

I pulled out some scraps of drop cloth left over from another project.   The piece is about 1.5 yards or so.  Not enough fabric to make anything big, but plenty of fabric to make a flag.  I cut a piece from this that measures about 20'" by 20".  

Iron drop cloth fabric to make a decorative flag.

Now normally, I am not a ironer.  I imagine that is why a lot of my sewing projects don't turn out.  So this time I decided to iron my fabric to see if it helped.  Iron  |  Drop Cloth

Iron seams to make a flag from drop cloth.

I folded over the edges twice to make a seam and ironed them down.  I'm not sure I even did that right.  If you want to do it "right" you may want to watch a you tube video made by someone who actually knows how to do things properly.  haha.   I will always give you the instructions for how I do it, but I may not always do it correctly!  

Sew edges of drop cloth to make a DIY flag.

I pinned the hem down and sewed all around the edges of the flag.  On the She's Crafty flag, I left the bottom hem raw because I wanted the fringe.  But it's easy enough to sew it if you don't' want the raw, fringy edges.  Sewing machine .

Sewn rod pocket for flag to hang from dowel.

I folded the top edge of the flag down about 2 inches, pinned in place and sewed along the edge.  This made a pocket to  feed a wooden dowel through for the flag to hang.  

Fabric Paint saying on DIY decorative Flag.

I used my freezer paper stenciling method to apply the She's Crafty to the fabric flag.    Using fabric paint makes the flag machine washable.  Black Fabric Paint  |  Freezer paper

vinyl saying on DIY decorative flag made from drop cloth.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep my social media name on the bottom of the flag.  So I decided to cut it from vinyl.  That way I can remove the vinyl if I decide to use the flag somewhere else.  The vinyl is not washable and will probably not stay one forever.  Although it held up fine when my flag was blowing around at the vendor fair.   Black Vinyl

Dowel to hang the decorative fabric flag.

I placed a wooden dowel through the pocket.  Then I tied some twine to either side of the dowel.  And lastly, I fancied up the dowel with a collection of black and white ribbon.  Wooden Dowel | Black and white Ribbons  |  Black and white twine

DIY Decorative hanging flag made from drop cloth.

Now I have a cute little flag to hang in my booth when I do markets.  It also looks great in between markets, hanging in my craft room.

DIY Decorative Flags are so simple to make to add some personality to your craft room, your vendor booth or your home.  

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