Tea Cup Flowers for Mother's Day

 If you're looking for a cute Mother's Day gift, I have an idea for Tea Cup Flowers.  

Mother's Day Tea Cup Flowers Pinterest pin.

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You know I have a thing for old things. Vintage, old, antique- every bit is totally my jam!  I have been collecting vintage tea cups and bowls for a while now.  As I was looking at my collection, I though they would be perfect with some little flowers in them.  And I was right.  They are perfect!  

How to put together Tea Cup Flowers

How to put together Tea Cup Flower Gifts for Mother's Day.

Supply List for Tea Cup Flower Gifts

  • Tea Cups - these are available for less than a dollar at the thrift store.  Or you can buy a new set here.
  • Potting Soil
  • Flowers - I bought an 8-pack of Petunias at Lowes for less than $4.

Delicate white tea cup with Petunia's for Mother's Day.

If you've ever planted flowers, you know exactly how to do this.  But if you haven't here are some super simple instructions.  
  • Pour a little bit of soil into the tea cup.  If you plant to keep the flowers in the tea cup long term (btw long term is probably the summer), place a few pebbles into the bottom of the tea cup to help with drainage.
  • Grab the flower container that you bought from the nursery.  

How to plant flowers in tea cups.

  • Loosen up the soil on the flower container by smooshing it in your hands a little.
  • Gently tug the flower out of the container.  If it doesn't come out easily, cut or tear the plastic container to release the flower.  
  • Gently break up the dirt and the roots on the plant.
  • Place the flower into cup.
  • Fill the cup the rest of the way with soil.

Flowers in tea cups for Mother's Day gifts.

I think these make such a sweet little gift for Mother's Day.  You could even put them together in a gift basket with a Mother's Day Vase and some Mother's Day flash cards.  

Mother's Day tea cup flowers with Mother's Day flash cards.

Mother's Day tea cup flowers with Mother's Day flash cards.

These Tea Cup Flowers are easy to put together and cost very little but make such a sweet Gift for Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Tea Cup Flower Gift Pinterest Pin.

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