DIY Key Chain Lip Balm Holder

If you're looking for a gift or easy group hand out idea?  These Key Chain Lip Balm Holders are super easy and inexpensive to make!

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At YW camp this year, not only was I in charge of crafts, I was also in charge of gifts for the adults.  It was awesome because both of those jobs are perfect for me!  

One of my quirks is that I always have to have 'chap' aka lip balm handy.  I cannot stand to have dry lips and must always have at least 2-3 tubes at all times!  So when thinking about camp gifts for the YW camp chaperones, I thought a lip balm holder would be super handy.  And it's a budget friendly project, so that's always a plus!  

How to make a Key Chain Lip Balm Holder

These key chain lip balm holders are an excellent group gift idea.  I made around 30 of them for less than $25, including the lip balm!  I bought the ribbon in spools when it was on sale (50% off every other week at Hobby Lobby) and found packages of #10 assorted lip balms at 5 Below.  You can also get the key rings on sale at Hobby Lobby.

Key Chain Lip Balm holder - supplies needed to make

Supplies needed for lip balm holder:

Key Chain Lip Balm holder - supplies needed to make

Prepare the Ribbon:  Cut the ribbon into a 10 inch piece.  To keep the ribbon from fraying, I run a lighter across the end for just a second or 2 to melt the ribbon.  If you do this, be very careful to not start the ribbon on fire- not that I would know anything about that.  Then fold the ribbon at 6 inches.


Key Chain Lip Balm holder - supplies needed to make

Make a pocket With the shorter side, fold the end down twice and pin it in place.  Then run it through your sewing machine, using a straight stitch down both long sides of the ribbon.  You could also sew it by hand.

Key chain lip balm holder - make loop to hold key ring

Make the Key Ring Holder.  Turn the ribbon to the back side.  At the top, fold each corner into the center.  Then fold the ends over once to hide the raw edge.  Place the key ring and fold the ribbon over the key ring, pinning it in place.  

Chapstick holder on a keyring.

Sew back and forth several times with your sewing machine (or with a needle and thread) to hold the keyring in place.  

Key Chain Chapstick holder.

Once everything is sewn, place your favorite chap in the pocket.  Normally I like minty chapstick, like this, but I thought it would be fun to have different flavors at camp.

Chap stick holder for Young Women Camp name badge.

This is the perfect thing to hang on your name badge at Young Women Camp to keep your chap handy when you're wrangling the Young Women!  It's also perfect to hang on your keyring! 

Chap stick holder for a key ring.

This DIY Key Chain Lip Balm is a great gift to give to the chaperones at YW camp or to make for yourself to keep your chap handy!

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