YW Camp Handouts for Adults

If you're looking for ideas for YW camp handouts, this post is for you!  I have 7  handout ideas with printables that can be used for Camp Chaperones and the other adult that attend YW camp.

YW Camp Hand Outs with free printables Pinterest Pin

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As I have said on several of my recent posts, like YW Camp Crafts, Journal Pen Holder, and Lip Balm Holder, I am one of the leaders that went to Young Women camp this year, from our stake.  YW camp is a place for the girls ages 13 up to 18 to get together, away from worldly influences to strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ.

I have gone to camp for many years as a camp chaperone, as a Young Women President and now as a Stake Leader.  One of my duties this year was crafts, but another one of my duties was putting gifts and treats together for the other adults that attend camp.  It was so much fun!  

I made small gifts that we were able to give to the adults every day.  

YW Camp Handouts for Camp Chaperones

yw camp handouts - lip balm holder.

Chapstick Holder.  The first day I handed out Lip Balm Holders.  I figured that was a good first day gift for the sisters to be able to keep their chap handy through the week.  

Handouts at YW camp for camp chaperones, D&C 43:8.

I attached this printable to the lip balm holder.  I printed them in wallet size on white card stock, punched a small hole then tied it to the keyring with twine.  

YW Camp Chaperone Gifts - soda coupon.

Drinks.  After the first night, I figured the sisters could use a little hit of caffeine and sugar to help them.  I filled the fridge in the main building with a variety of soda, like Diet Coke, Lemonade, Dr Pepper and Sprite.  I handed all of the ladies a coupon to get themselves a little pick me up.  

YW camp chaperone handouts - m and m's.

Magnificent and Marvelous Woman.  On the 3rd day I handed out an M&M hand out.  I placed 2 fun sized packages in small bags with the printable stapled on. 

yw camp handout for m and m's.

I used a quote from one of my favorite talks ever.  I have actually given several talks and lessons from this talk, I love it so much.  You can feel President Nelson's and the Lord's love for all of the Sisters in this talk.  Seriously, it's such a good talk.  I totally recommend everyone reading it!

YW camp handouts, bear testimony with gummy bears.

Bear Testimony.   On day 4, I gave the sisters small packages of gummy bears.  

Bear Testimony printable for YW camp.

The quote on the printable is from this talk by Elder Bednar.  It talks about what we should be doing at home, which is so good and I was inspired to do better at home as well, but I thought it a good reminder for us a YW camp too.  

Thank you for Chewsing to be at camp starbursts handout.

Chewsing to Be at Camp    Camp is so much fun but it's a lot of work.  It's a lot of time away from their family, it's not a lot of sleep, it's a lot of being ON.  So I wanted the sisters to know how much we appreciated them making the sacrifice to be at camp.  

I printed out the quote from this talk.  There is a typo on the printable- it is from April of 2016, not 2006.  

Yw Camp handouts - Stuff the YW with the spirit oreos.

Stuff the YW and Leaders with the Spirit - Oreos  The main point of going to camp is for the YW to have a chance to feel the spirit.  I used packages of Oreo Minis.

Stuff yw with the spirit oreo handout for yw camp.

I took this quote from this talk by President Nelson.  I stapled the printable directly to the package of Oreos.  

Take Home gift of socks and epsom salt YW camp.

Take Home Gift - Thank you for Stepping Up.  At the end of camp, I gave all of the leaders a take home gift with socks and small baggies of Epsom salt.  I found the socks in 10 packs at Walmart for $6.  You can also get a large bundle here.   

Take Home Gifts from Young Women Camp.

I put together epsom salt packages by taking several tablespoons from the large package and putting it into labeled small baggies.  

printable for Take home gift from YW camp.

On the printable, I put the scripture that this year's Youth Theme is taken from.  

I hope you can use these ideas for YW Camp Handouts for Adults.  This is the last post in my series about Young Women Camp for this year.  I had such a great time planning and prepping for camp.  I learned a ton and cannot wait for next year.